Thursday, March 30, 2006


I sat down crosslegged on the floor of my room and let my eyes slide out of focus. I took deep breaths and started to meditate. I relaxed as the life-giving Force flowed through me and became a part of me. I began to feel better immediately.
Images of the past, present and future floated through my mind only ever long enough to catch a glimpse of them. Sometimes they were accompanied by song lyrics, sometimes they weren't. I recognised some and didn't others.

Master Yoda was talking to Master Windu.

We're caught in a trap, and I can't walk out.

Ben facing Darth Vader in his Last Stand.

You should have let him get away...

Mum and Uncle Luke talking in the mess.

Hey You, it's me again.

Jacen just standing and thinking.

Miss you. Miss you.

The images continued, each one fading faster than the last one. Untill they were a malstorm of emotion and colour.

My eyes snapped back into focus and I fell onto my bed, drained of energy. I fell into a deep sleep.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Walking and Talking.

As I walked along in silence with Mum I started to think about my family. I hadn't seen them in so long and though Uncle Luke was with me there are only so many times you can listen to the "Did I ever tell you about the time a Wompa nearly got me?" story. My thoughts drifted out to Jacen, my twin and my other half. Even though I'm not dependent on him after a while being away from him starts to drain me. I really missed him and his little pets.
My thoughts carried over to Annakin, my little brother. He can be moody some times but that doesn't stop him being good fun. My lightsaber knocked against my leg and I smiled as I remembered how I helped both my brothers construct their just as I had help with mine.
Then there was Dad. His laugh was one of the things that I missed the most. His booming laugh could lighten any day. Perhaps it's time I went home.

But Mum seemed to sense my thoughts and pulled me into a hug. "I know you miss us Jaina and we miss you too but your not done here yet. Learning to be away from what is familiar is part of your training."
I smiled, she was right. "You sound like Master Mara Jade."
"Well, she did tell me that. But I thought it sounded like good motherly advice as well." Mum said as she grinned back. "She also said to ask you if you have been mediating as much as you should be?"
My tummy sank. I hadn't. It had slipped my mind as I got caught up being a teenager again. I received a reassuring squeeze on my shoulder. "It's ok, I know how hard it is for you. You have too take time off some times. So long as it's not too much too often."
She was right, she always is. "You go and catch up with your meditation while I catch up with my twin? How about that?" she asked. I nodded, lost for words. I headed off in the direction of my bedroom. The Princess had given me a lot to think about.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

An Unxpected Visitor

Well, with everybody waiting around for the "surprise" jump to hyperspace that everyone thinks we are going to take there hasn't been much happening. I tried to get another trip down to the surface but no one really wanted to so I was stuck. I can't abide being stuck with nothing to do. Gah! I have to get out of this system soon! But any ways!

I got up this morning just the same as anyother morning, got my breakfast had a talk with the boys and had just started a game of Sabacc with Hobbie when Wedge walked in muttering under his breath about some dude called Hudson... Anyway I got up to see if he was all right and he jumped. "Oh Jaina, there's someone in the hanager to see you." He wouldn't say anymore and walked off muttering again.

Confufused I walked down to the hanager and there waiting for me was... "MUM!" I shouted running towards her. I ran straight into her arms and hugged her. "I missed you so much Darling" she said. "I decided that I'd come visit you! Well that and the boys were getting a bit much for me." I lauged just pleased that she had come to visit.

P.S. Sorry I haven't posted in so long but I have been feeling a bit under the weather. This system is starting to have a bad effect on me!

Monday, March 13, 2006


I found a sign on my back today that said "You're Tagged! From Wedge."
So after digging through piles of paper work I found the questions I was looking for.

Four Jobs You've Had In Your Life:

  1. Pilot in the Rouge Squadren.
  2. Jedi Knight. (does that count?)
  3. I make cages for Jacen's pets out of junk.
  4. Part-time Mechanic.

Four Places You've lived:

  1. Coursant
  2. Yavin 4
  3. Ithor
  4. "Safe Worlds" that can't be named for obvious reasons.

Four T.V. Shows You Love To Watch:

  1. The Simpsons.
  2. Joey.
  3. Neighbours.
  4. Friends

Four Places You've been on Holiday:

  1. Hoth
  2. Dathomir
  3. Empire America
  4. Endor

Four Blogs You Visit Every Day:

  1. Master Yoda
  2. Big Brother: Naboo
  3. Memoirs Of A Wing Man
  4. Army of (Cl)One

Four Of Your favorite Foods:

  1. Pasta
  2. Soup
  3. Cake
  4. Chinese

Four Places You'd Rather Be:

  1. Hitting the slopes on Hoth
  2. In my own bed.
  3. Flying my X-Wing
  4. Mediating

Four C.Ds You Can't Live Without.

  1. Train; Drops Of Jupiter
  2. Avril Lavigne; Let Go
  3. Led Zeppelin; All of them!!
  4. Pink Floyd; Echoes.

Four Vehicles You've Owned:

  1. The Trixter
  2. My X-Wing

People To Be Tagged:

  1. Master Yoda, not that he would ever do it.
  2. Qui-Gon Jin
  3. Legolas
  4. Barriss Offee

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

What the...?

When we had located the place that we had been boarding on two days ago we set off to try and find the spot where Hobbie had gone flying. It wasn’t too hard. In the early morning light we could see that there was, in fact a small mound. "That’s the place boys." I stated.
Uncle Luke took some of team a bit further away and started digging there in case it was a large building. The team I was with started drilling around the mound. They had only gotten a few meters down when the drill stopped with a ‘clunk’. We couldn’t get it to drill past that point. It was ice harder that rocks. "It’s no good Jaina," announced Hobbie "We’ll have to start from another point."
"Don’t be daft Hobbie. You always did look for the worst in things." I pulled out my lightsabre and cut my way through the ice like a hot knife through butter, which I suppose, it was. Once we got through that the going was much easier. It was only another meter or so down that we hit something. "We’ve found it!" shouted Jag.
Everyone pitched in to move the snow around it to see what it was. This appeared.

"What on earth?" A McDooku’s sign? What in Alderan is McDooku’s?
I went over to report to Uncle Luke and he announced that he had found some thing too.

We all kept going until most of the structure was visible.

Uncle Luke laughed out loud! "I remember this now! We used to have dinner here sometimes during the Rebellion."
"What did they serve?" I asked in disgust. The place looked awful.
"Wompa burgers!" Laughed Uncle Luke slapping his knees. "The place can’t have gotten much business after we left. I thought the Empire had destroyed it in the battle!" He was still laughing insanely.
"Well, that’s...umm... intersting..." McDooku's? This is just crazy! There is something wrong with this system. "I think it's time we were going team. We found what we needed." Well, sort of. I didn't find the Commander's boots. And I'm not likely to.

I didn't. Sorry Commander but I did do a bit of web surfing on McDooku's. Aparently it was a corporate giant in the days of the Empire and before but when the Rebellion suceeded it fell into ruins. Now there's hardly any left. Well, all good (or bad) things must come to an end!

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Commander Antillies Boots!

“Commander Antillies wants to see you Sticks.” Were the first words that were spoken to me yesterday morning. I wondered if it had something to do with the fact that most of the Squadrons clothes were hanging everywhere trying to dry from the snowball fight the previous day.

I knocked on Wedge’s door and entered apprehensively. “You wanted too see me Commander?”
“Ah yes Lieutenant. Do come in.” I entered fully closing the door behind me. “Now as I understand it you are responsible for starting a fight while you were down on Hoth yesterday. Is that correct?”
“It wasn’t a fight Commander. It was a game.” I felt it would be unfair to dobb Hobbie in it by saying it was really him. Wedge seemed to read my mind though.
“I’m not holding you entirely responsible though. It does take two to tango.”
I looked at him; he didn’t normally use expressions like that. I sensed that it would be okay to tell him about Hobbie falling, so I did.

He listened with interest as I related the tale to him. He nodded as I came to the end of the tale. “You know that Hoth’s extreme weather could cover entire buildings in a few years?”
I nodded wondering where this was going and if I was going to get in trouble or not.
“Well Sticks,” I inwardly breathed a sigh of relief. He had used my nickname. It wasn’t anything serious. “You see when the Battle of Hoth started I had no time to get dressed properly. I had to go with out my boots.”
“Emm…Why are you telling me this Commander?”
“Well I was very attached to those boots and I want you to take a team and go and see of you can find them.”
I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. “You want me to go back onto the surface and try and find a pair of boots that you lost, Sir?” I asked just in case I had misheard him.
“Yes Sticks. That is what I want you to do.”
“But why?” I had to ask.
“As I said before, I was very attached to those boots.” I gave him a look. “They… uh… were given to me by my Mother.”
I had to stifle a giggle. I couldn’t help it. “O.K. Commander, I’ll get a team together to try and find your boots.” I flashed him a smile as I turned to leave.
“Uh? Lieutenant? Make up some excuse about wanting to make sure that it’s nothing dangerous. I don’t want the rest of the Squadron to know.”
“Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me… Uncle Wedge.” I teased him as I skipped out the door.

I spent the rest of the day gathering a team together, organising what drills to take and other stuff like that. Uncle Luke said he would come too as he thought it would be nice to see something from the ‘Rebellion Years’ as he called them. By the time all that was done it was almost dark so there was no point in going down to the surface. By the time we had located the palace we wanted it would be dark and there would be the added danger of Wompas night hunting. I told the team to be ready first thing after breakfast tomorrow and we would set of then.


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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Actually on Hoth!

It has been snowing for the past few days on Hoth so Wedge gave us the day to go down and snowboard for a bit, which we did with out much persuasion!

We landed our X-Wings at the top of a good looking slope after making sure it was stable first. I grabbed my board and was out on the snow before anyone else. "Wait up Solo!" called Jag. I quickly did up my bindings and waited impatiently for the others to do the same. Most of us were on boards but a few were on skis. Corran Horn was with us and warned about avanlches and wamps bla bla bla. There was nothing living in close quarters, I could feel it through the force.

We slammed down the hills and were having a great time until Hobbie hit something. He went sailing through the air and landed with a neat "thud" at my feet. I laughed, "I'm not really used to men throwing themselves at my feet Hobbie, but don't you think I'm a bit young for you?"
He grimaced as he unbucked his feet from his board, "I hit something Jaina. Honest!"

I looked up and whistled. Everyone looked around, That was more effective than I thought it would be! "Listen up guys," I said to them, "Hobbie thinks he hit something. I blame his bad boarding but we'd better check it out."
Hobbie grabbed my legs and pulled me down, "Bad boarding eh?" He snatched up a fist full of snow and shoved it down my back.
"Ahh ahh! It's cold!" I yelled as I threw some back at him. Soon we were in a huge snowball fight.
One hit me square in the face and as I rubbed it out of my eyes I saw Jag standing infront of me.
"Didn't see that coming did you Solo?" I had to dodge as he threw another one. I laughed and aimed carefully hitting him on the forehead! He stumbled backwards until he sat down with a thump! I laughed as I helped him up. "I tripped over something too" he stated.
"Sure, first Hobbie and now you. O.K. Lets get digging."

We didn't get far. Snow is far too much fun to dig in. The snowball fight soon recommenced!