Thursday, June 29, 2006

It's Far Too Early!

I was floating through the sky... there was cookies everywhere... and chocloate chips and marshmallows flying around... I was flying and eating at the same time... it was amazing... I started to float towards the biggest marshmallow... but I was gathering speed. I couldn't slow down. I was going to crash into it! There was a huge "Whump" sound and I woke up!

"Jacen! What did you do that for?" The pillow that he had thrown at me lay on the floor. I looked at my clock. It was only 7.30. I groaned and turned over. It had been a late night last night.
"Come on Jaina. Winter says we need to get up."
I was so sleeply. "It's far too early. Go away."
Jacen pulled my covers off using the Force. "No, we have to leave in an hour."
Leave? That didn't sound right. I sat up rubbing my eyes. "Leave for where?"
The pillow smacked me in the face again. "Mum's Senatorial Tour."
"I thought that she wasn't going to do that this year." I said with a tinge of annoyance.
"She changed her mind now get up." and Jacen disapeared into his own room.

I crawled out of bed and stumbled into the refresher. It woke me up slightly. When I was back in my room I set about packing. I used the Force to throw a few things into a bag. Mum's Tours were always really boring as we had to listen to pretty much the same speech everywhere she went. And they lasted about ten days.

After I had gotten my breakfast I went out to the docking bay to discover that Anakin wasn't there and we were waitng on him. I had to go and get him up.

Anakin is even less of a morning person than me. I shook him.
"Ahh! Jaina! Get off!" And back to sleep he goes.
I pulled his covers off.
He used the Force to get them back.
I called him.
"Nope. No Anakin here."
I poked him.
He shreeked. Poking never fails.
I explained the suitation to him and he wanted to get straight back into bed.
"You can't. Now come on!"
"I thought that we were supposed to be having a nice quiet holiday this summer. Going on this tour is gonna give us like, 3 days before we head to Kashyyyk."
I looked at him. "Anakin we are Solo's. We never have a quiet life."

So finaly an hour and a half after Jacen had woken me up, (Winter was going spare) we were all set to leave. I climbed aboard the Falcon hopeing that Dad would let me fly some of the time to take away from the bordom.
Mum smiled at us all.
"Isn't this going to be fun?"

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Party.

"Jacen, hurry up! You are so slow!!!" I called across my room into Jacen's.
"Jaina, I can't decide what to wear."

I rolled my eyes, "You're worse than Mum. Let me see you."
I strolled into his room only to see piles of clothes thrown around his room. I groaned. "This is gonna take some time." I said as I started pulling clothes out from underneath each other.

I picked up a torn T-shirt. "How about a Pirate?"

"The boots are too small."

"Ok then, how about a Naval officer?"

"Umm.... No... It doesn't look right."

I sighed, "Let's try a boxer."


"High Elf?"




"School Student?"

"That's not even proper fancy dress!"

"Ok, so you don't like the normal outfits how about heros?
You could be Robin."

The look on his face said it all.

I grinned, "Well Batman then."

"Black's so.... Depressing."


"What did I just say?"

"Emm.... Superman?"


"Well I give up then. I have no idea what you are going to wear! Why didn't you decide this yesterday?"
"I did but then I changed my mind."
I was just about ready to strangle him at this stage when he dived back into the cupboard.

"This is it! I'll wear this!"

"Jacen, that's just old fashioned Jedi robes..."

He grinned. "Yea! I'll go as Ben Kenobi!"

Gah! He can be so annoying sometimes!
"Let's go then!" I cried grabbing him and running though the halls into the courtyard and straight into a tree.

"Ouch!" cried Jacen rubbing his nose. "Who put that there?"
"And why does it have a star on top?" I asked.
We walked around it and.....

Well I'm not surprised you couldn't find anything else to come as you are nearly 8 feet tall and covered in hair!"

Just then Tenel Ka and Zekk came over. Tenel Ka had this really cool fairy thing going on and Zekk was dressed as a Warrior King.

We were all partyin' hard and dancing. Uncle Luke had gotten his hands on a live band some how when Dad turned up.

"What are you dressed as?" we all asked. We had never seen that outfit before.

Dad grinned the way only Solo's can grin. "I'm Indiana Jones. He's a hero off some film from that little planet Far Far away. What's its' name agian? Something like Soil, Mud, Dirt?

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator stuck his head in the window and yelled "It's Earth dang it! Earth!"
"That's right! I remember now. It's Earth. So anyone for Cookies?"
We all screamed and practaly jumped on the bag of cookies that Dad had brought.

By now the party was in full swing and most of the Temple was there plus a few locals that we were friendly.
Everyone was having a brillinat time and the music was great.
I admit it was really funny when Zekk slipped and poured nearly the whole jug of juice over himself.

That's about it really.
I have told you what I went as.
Oh! Look at that, I haven't.
No... I really don't want to show you a picture.
Do you promise not to laugh?
Ok then. Well I, for one night only swapped my oil covered overalls, put my hair up and donned a dress to go as a Princess.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Done and Dusted

Hello everyone and welcome to my new-look blog!I know I said that I was getting rid of the dots but I really liked having the side bar on the left so I made a new backround! I hope it's not to0 distracting.

Things round here at the Jedi Temple are pretty much breaking up for summer. Of course Jedi's don't take summer holidays and everyone always has to be prepared to be called in to help but people that have familys normaly take a few weeks away from the Temple. I'm lucky, because I'm not a Master yet I get to spend the whole summer with my family!
The Jedis that don't have familys, like Zekk, get to stay at the temple but Zekk normaly stays with friends, (me, Tenel Ka or Lowie)

Dad has come down from Coursant to help us get ready for the holidays. This year we are going to spend a few weeks on Kashyyyk with Lowie and Chewie. It should be great fun.

Uncle Luke has allowed us to hold an end-of-exams party in the Temple! It is going to be on Wedensday and is going to be a Sith of a party!
Zekk suggested to make it fancy dress and we all thought it was such a silly idea that it would make a brilliant party. I've no idea what Lowie is going to do though, there's not much he can do really...

So that's you brought up to date now if you will excuse me I have to go and find an outfit.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Just a Little Note

I'm nearly finished my J.E.D.I.s!!!!
I only have one exam left this week so I will hopefully be back in blogging buisness next week!
I'm gonna spend the weekend fixing up by blog look (finaly) so see you all then! :)

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Procrastinating Again.

I took a quick visit down to Dex's Diner today and showed him a coulpe of holos from the Storm Trooper Relocation Program.
All in all it's going pretty well. Most Imperial Troops are coming forward and are settling in well. Obvioulsy they can't live a "normal" life because of the accelerated growth thing and they prefer to keep their armor on 'cause they all look the same.

Unfortunately there are still some that think that the Empire will rise again and we have uncovered some recruitment schemes. It doesn't look too good.

Recruitment Video

AOC would I be right in thinking that this was your work?

That holo was also found with a few posters like the one below.

Looks like we might have our work cut out for us!