Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Solo Grin

Just read this if you have no idea what is going on.

“Jaina, what on Naboo makes you think that Tann is behind this?”
I was back in the apartment talking to Mum.
“Look, I know it all sounds a bit hazy and like a lot of guess work but lets look at the facts for a moment.
1. On of the most secure banks is broken into and it looks for the entire world like an inside job because there are no signs of the bank being broken into.
2. Jacen and I get called in by a very annoying Mr. Marath.
3.Jacen and I notice nothing until I get to the vault.
4. The vault is empty of emotion.”
“Don’t forget the strange noise that Mr. Marath heard.” Butted in Jacen.
“Plus the really high pitched noise that Marath heard,” I continued, “So I realise that being in the bank is like being around Jagged Fel. I go and find him to conduct a simple experiment. It comes out the way I expected, Jag leaves hardly any emotion behind him, I assume that it is because the Chiss raised him and come to the logical conclusion that it was a Chiss. The only Chiss Bounty Hunter that we know of is Tann.”
Mum still didn’t think that I had it right.
“O.K Jaina,” she said, “lets assume for a moment that it was a Chiss. Why do you think that it was Tann? Couldn’t it have been a common thief? Just because Tann is a Bounty Hunter doesn’t mean that it he robbed a bank. Quite the opposite in fact, Hu’ar is a very successful Bounty Hunter and already very rich. Why would he need more money?”
I shrugged. I hadn’t thought about a motive, I just had this gut feeling that it was him. “I dunno, greed? What do you think Jacen?”
Jacen looked up. He was sitting in the corner taking no part in the conversation.
“I think that you are both right.” I let out an exasperated sigh, Jacen ignored me and continued. “But I do also know that Jaina had good intuition in these things. Tann is the best lead that we have and I don’t think that there is any harm in following it up.”
“There’s no solid evidence!” Mum cried throwing her hands up in the air. “How are you going to check him out? Do you know where he is? Are you two going to find him and bring him in? Or just bump into him in the street and have a wee chat with him there?”
“Ah,” I said letting my mouth slide into the trademark Solo grin, “We don’t need to talk to him…”

Monday, September 11, 2006

Answers to a few Questions

Find out what Jag had to do here.

Jag appeared out of the room about 7 minutes later. In his hand he held the 50 credit piece in his hand and he dropped it into my outstreched palm. I thanked him and told him to stay in the hall.
I walked into the common room and connected my self to the Force. It was just as I had thought. There was hardly any emotion left in the room. I dandered around it. There was slight confusion in the spot where Jag had been standing when I left the room but there was nothing around the seat that I had hidden the coin. Strangly there was a strong sense of annoyance in the air, but that was probably just from the others that I had told to get out.

I called Jag back into the room. His face displayed no emotion and neither did his feeling. I had never really understood that about Jag. I could never feel what he was feeling. But I think I understood that now. "Jag, you weren't raised my your parents were you?"
He shook his head and I think that I detected a small trace of sadness come from him.
"You were raised by the Chiss, isn't that right?"
Again he nodded. "I am proud of that." he stated.
"Tell me Jag, do the Chiss convey their emotions well?"
Jag looked confused. "I do not think so. At least, not in the way that you do. We see it as a sign of weakness."
I stayed silent prosessing these thoughts. "It all makes sense now." I mused out loud.
"What does, Jaina? Why are you aking me this?"
I ran my hand through my hair, distracted. "There was a robbery at a bank last night. The vault that had been robbed contained no emotion. I think a Chiss did it. It makes sense. The Chiss are known to be more advanced than us in terms of technology. That's why a hack wouldn't show." I thought out loud. "And the only Chiss bounty hunter that I know of is Hu'ar Tann."

Friday, September 01, 2006

The Search for Jag

Read this to find out why I decided I needed to find Jag.

When I reached the bottom of the street I stopped running. I realised that I didn’t know where Jag was, all I knew was that the Rouges were in Coursant for a while. Wondering how I could find them I remembered about the Force powers that I had discovered the last time I was with the Squadron. (You might want to start at the bottom of that page)Master Durron had told me that we were not supposed to use Force Transportation but I really couldn’t see another way of getting to him. I knew that Wedge would probably know where Jag was so it was my best bet to try and Transport to him. I had to concentrate on him and I didn’t want to suddenly disappear in the middle of a busy Coursant street so I nipped down a side ally that wasn’t too far away.

I shut my eyes and focused on the Force, I let it flow through me and become a part of me. I pictured Wedge in minds eye and kept thinking of him. Memories I had forgotten came back to me and I kept thinking of him. I felt a strange sensation in my feet and I knew it was working. Suddenly I became weightless and I opened my eyes. As soon as I did I dropped out of the sky straight on to Wedge, who was sitting at his desk.
“Ouch!” He yelled and I jumped up off him.
“Oops! Sorry Commander. I didn’t mean to do that.”
“Jaina?” he looked confused, “What? I mean… how? No, what?”
“Force power. Look I don’t have any time to talk. Do you know where Jagged Fel is?”
He gestured towards the door. “In the living area, I think. Why?”
I set off at a run. “No time. I’ll tell you later. Oh! And congratulations!”
Just as I got to the end of that corridor my holo communicator went off. It was a meme from Skywalker. I ignored it. I was too busy for that now.

While I’m running down these corridors I’ll tell you why the fact that the vault had no emotion in it was so important. Everything you do leaves a trace of emotion. Shopping, talking, even just passing a certain person on the street. How strong the emotion is determines how long the trace lasts. For example the place that you had your first kiss would leave a very strong sense of love and affection. It would probably last for a week or two. Negative things like breaking up with some one or having a serious argument would leave a trace of anger and sometimes hate.
Now you would think that robbing a bank would leave a few emotion traces behind wouldn’t you? A robbery would normally leave something like fear, adrenaline or apprehension, but the vault had none of those. I think I know why but I’ll need to talk to Jag first.

I reached the door of the living area and burst in breathless, “Jag… I need you— ” The boys burst out laughing. I didn’t see what was so funny. “ Your help.” I finished. “Yes, Jaina,” he said in that strong accent of his. “What is it that you need?”
I looked around, the boys were looking very interested. I glared at them. “You lot. Scram.” They got up grumbling and wandered out into the hall and dispersed. I took a 50 credit piece out of my pocket and placed it under a pillow of a seat. I looked at Jag. “I’m going to go out of the room. I hope no one steals my money.” I shot Jag a look that told him I wanted him to take it. He shot me one back, clearly confused. “I do not understand. You want me to take the money?”
“No,” I replied and winked at him. He cottoned on and returned. “Ok, Jaina. I will make sure your money is not taken. I will join you in 10 minutes.”
I beamed at him and walked out the door closing it behind me.

My holo communicator went off again. It was the same message except it was from Becca, Erifia Apoc’s sidekick. I sighed as I opened it. I had nothing better to do until Jag came out.

1. Grab the nearest book. (I looked around, I couldn’t see any. Then I noticed a bookshelf in the corner of the corridor. What is that doing there anyway? I pulled the nearest one towards me with the force. It was called. “How to make sure missions are a success.”
2. Open to page 123. (Chapter 5- “Destroying a Death Star”)
3. Find the fifth sentence. (one… two… three… four… there it is! Five!)
4. Post the text of it and the next 3 sentences on your blog along with these instructions.

To destroy a Death Star can be difficult, but it can be easy if you know how. First make sure that you have a whinny ass farm boy, preferably one that is Force sensitive. Then only go in for the attack when you are sure that you can’t win, most of your pilots will be destroyed and the farm boy will realise that it is his destiny to do blow up that joint before any more people die and he has no one to complain to.

5. Don’t you dare dig for that “cool” or “intellectual” book in your closet! I know you were thinking it! Just pick up what ever is closest. (There wasn’t much choice really)
6. Tag three people. (My two brothers and Zekk, but since they don’t have blogs you won’t be seeing their answers!)

Read this if you want to know what happened after the council meeting a few months ago.

Ps. Sorry this is so late, but blogger ate my story about 3 times!