Monday, October 30, 2006

Off to Tatooine

My stupid Holo-net's been down for so long you might need a reminder as to what's been going on. Here you go!

We walked into Mr. Marath practising his instrument. I tried to keep from wincing, it was awful. Marath noticed us and put it down, much to my relief.
“Ah, young Jedi.” He greeted us. “I trust you have some news for me?”
Jacen bowed, “Yes, we have reason be believe that the Chiss Bounty Hunter, Hu’ar Tann, was behind it. The reasons are unclear at the moment but we are going to Tatooine to follow up a lead.”
“We thought it best to inform you before we left.” I finished for him.
Marath showed no sign of surprise on his face, but I could feel it in the air. His hands started to move of their own accord again. Jacen and I bowed and turned to go.
Just as we reached the door Marath spoke to us again. “Do you have a transport?” he questioned. A faint glimmer of hope rose in me. “Not a fast one.” I answered with caution. I heard a faint sigh from behind me. I was almost shaking with anticipation. “Here.”
I spun round and caught the keys that were flying through the air towards me. I looked at them and smiled. “Thank you.” I bowed.
Marath waved me away with his hand, “Docking bay 57.” I practically ran out of the room and almost skipped down the street.
Jacen hurried to keep up with me, “What? Why are you so excited? Jaina? What type of transport does Mr. Marath have?”
“Not just a transport my nature twin. A moving, luxury, state-of-the-art flying beast!” Jacen just looked blank. I sighed, he would never really understand my love of machines the way I could never understand his connection with nature. I would let the ship speak for its self.

We walked into Docking Bay 57 and Jacen gasped. The ships sleek frame cut a dashing silhouette against the dingy grey walls. I walked up to it proudly; speaking aloud it’s features. “Four engines, top-of-the-range hyper drive, two sleeping cabins with bunks—Sky City standard, long range guns and oodles of storage space. Oh, and a cloaking device. The smallest ever to have one.” I could see that Jacen was impressed. “So what are we waiting for?” He questioned. “Let’s take it for a spin!” we both dashed inside, strapped ourselves in.

“Welcome to The Sunbeam. May I have your destination please?” The computer asked in a sweet voice.
“Tatooine,” I replied, “But I’ll be flying manually, if it’s all the same to you.”
“As you like it.” It replied, somewhat huffily. Jacen could hardly suppress a giggle. “It reminds me of 3PO.” I laughed as I started the engine and lifted off.

As I flew Jacen read through the holo mail. “Jaina, I really can’t believe this. I mean look at the money here! It’s crazy.”
I nodded grimly “We have to find out why.”
Man, this ship was a beauty to handle. It flew like a dream. I had never imagined a ship like this in my life, it was amazing. And it was super fast too. It could give the Falcon a good run for its money!

One Train album later and we landed in Mos Isley. We hurried through the crowded streets and hired a land speeder. We sped along the vast sand dunes until we saw the Hutt Palace sticking up out of the land like a fist that defied everything. I shuddered at the thought of what has happened her 2 decades before. Jacen parked well away from the doors. “You ready?” he asked.“As I’ll ever be.” I replied and we walked up the doors, not knowing what lay behind them.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Time for a Holiday?

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I sat down at the computer, bored with searching the apartment and started to hack. Jacen continued with the fruitless search. Every so often he would stick his head in and ask how I was doing. Every time I told him to go away. Eventually he came in and sat beside me. “Nothing.” He said and began to meditate before I could tell him off again.

I continued diligently with my hacking. It was the toughest system I had ever seen but I’ll curse the day when a computer ever beats me.
A few hours later Jacen came out of his trance. He saw me still typing away and sighed, “Come on Jaina, you can’t get in.” I ignored him knowing that I was almost there. I typed in a few more letters and hit enter. A red message flashed up on the screen. I breathed with relief as I read, “Access granted. Welcome Master.”

After that it was a synch. I searched a few files and came across one labelled “Private holo-mail.” How stupid can you get? I opened it and what I saw robbed me of words. I pushed the print all button, ran a loop on the security tape and replaced it. Jacen had just finished scanning the sheets I had printed. “You sure?” he asked, his face a picture of surprise. “Oh, yes.” I answered. “I think it’s time we took a trip to Tatooine.”

Monday, October 02, 2006

40 Floors up.

I gave the famous Solo Grin...

"I can't believe that we are about to do this." Whispered Jacen as we crept along a window ledge 40 floors up.
"I can't believe that Mum let us do this." I whispered back carefully avoiding a loose bar.

We were lucky that Hu'ar Tann had one of the most expensive penthouses on the planet. Dressed in dark clothes it would be practaly impossible to see us unless you happened to be wearing heat-sensor goggles.
"This is it." Jacen told me as we stepped around a paticulary difficult corner and arrived at a very large ledge.
I grinned as I pulled what looked like decorative chopsicks out of my hair, but these were not for keeping my hair in place.
"This isn't very Jedi like," whispered Jacen. "I'm pretty sure there's something against this in the rules."
I grinned at him. "Since when do I ever follow rules?" and went to work.

Five minutes later there was a satisfying click and when I pulled gently the window it swung out just as planned. I inclined my head towards Jacen, "After you sir." Jacen stayed where he was. "Security." he stated.
"Curses, I'd forgotten that." I reached into my bag and brought out a pair of wire cutters. I could see teh security box glowing a faint red at the other side of the room. Using the force I flicked it open. The jumble of wires would have confused anyone else but I didn't take Advanced Technology for no reason!
I floated the wire cutters across the room and was half way there when I noticed the camera. "Sith Spit Jacen! Get back!" We both pressed ourselves flat against the outside wall.
I carefully lent my head in and inch by inch I got the cutters across the rest of the room keeping them out of the arch of the camera lens. Finaly I got them there and managed to cut the right wore. The red light faded and I knew we were in. "We might need to grab that tape before we go. If we have time I might be able to cut the offending material out."
"How do you know that Tenn is on Tatonee again?" Jacen asked nerviously.
"I have my sources," I said "Now lets find some evidence!"

Note: Sorry this is so late. My holonet broke. It's still not completly fixed. I'm also sorry this plot line is running on so long. I didn't expect it to write it's self so much...