Thursday, November 16, 2006

Taking the Fast Route Down!

Contined from here.

Getting past the guards was a cinch. A few mind tricks and we were led straight into the main chamber. We made them leave us just before we got in. Putting our hoods up Jacen and I walked in warily. I looked around me, taking in my surroundings. What I saw disgusted me. Girls from all races dressed in hardly anything, dancing to entertain a giant slug! All the scum from the farthest reaches of the galaxy looking on, drooling or making shady deals. One girl caught my eye. Her skin was the most beautiful shade of blue and her eyes cried out to me, full of pain, suffering and humiliation. Averted my eyes, knowing if I gazed into them a minute longer that I would take my lightsaber and cut through her chains and blow whole mission. "I promise I'll try and come back for you some day." I told her silently.
As Jacen got closer to the front of the room a sudden thought struck me. "Jacen! We can't let them know who were are. That we are Solo's, not just that we are Jedi!" He groaned inwardly. "I knew that this was a bad idea."
"So do you have a plan?" he asked.
"Who, me? I wasn't working on the plan. Was I?"
"Yes! Jaina, please tell me you have a plan!"
"I do now." I replied, thinking quickly.

I approached Tarken carefully. I bowed, asking permission to talk to him. The Hutt consented. I stepped onto the platform he was raied upon and whispered to him, "My friend and I have five dancing slaves as a gift of good will to you. They are on the roof and wish to preform a private dance for you before they come downstairs."
I saw his slimey face light up at the thought of a private dance. He nodded yes. "Come up in five minutes your Greatness. I think you'll be surprised." My voice heavy with irony.

I jerked my head at Jacen and explained the plan to him as we went up to the roof. "He's even stupider than Jaba. He didn't even ask who they were from. Slimey Perv." I added with dislike.
"This better work Jaina." Jacen warned me.
I hope it does I thought. I don't have a plan B!

Five minutes later Tarken apeared, without guards. I slammed the door behind him and I nearly laughed at the look on his face when he realised that he'd been trapped.
"All right, start talking." I told him. Jacen helped him out.
"We're here about the amount of money that Hu’ar Tann is paying you every month."
"What's it for?"
"What did he do?"
"How is he getting the money every month?"
Tarken sat there, a blank look on his face. "I don't know what you are talking about? The Chiss pays me nothing."
I nearly snarled, this giant space slug had the nerve to sit here and deny the truth! "Look scum, we know he's paying you money and we want to know what for."
"He's not paying me anything." The Hutt stated again.
I lost it. My saber was out and pointed at his face before he could even blink. "Start talking slug. Your scum put my Mum in chains and kept my Dad in suspeneded animation."
"Jaina!" Jacen warned, too late. I realised my mistake. I cusred silently. I huge smile dawned on Tarken's face. "You two are the Solo brats!"
"So what?" Jacen demaned.
"I've wanted you two for a while now. I think it's only fitting that all of the Solo family be property of the Hutts at some stage."
"Think again, space slug." My voice was laced with vemon.
"I will," he said "you see, Tann is paying someone lots of money. It's just not me. Oh yes!" he contined as he read the surprise on my face. "Hu’ar Tann saw somethings that he shouldn't have. GUARDS!!!!"
The door started to rattle on it's hinges. "Time to go Jaina." Jacen warned.
Tarken just smiled at me, "He's living on borrowed time, that one."
The full meaning of his words dawned on me. I grabbed my brothers arm. "Let's go." I said, taking one last look at the Hutt master I ran and lept over the side of the roof to take the fast route down.
"Why did you do that?" Jacen shouted at me when we landed. I shrugged. "More fun?" Blaster shots exploded around us. "Get running!" Jacen yelled "Or you'll be having fun in a dancing outfit!" I gritted my teeth and ran towards the speeder.
Jacen arrived first and jumped into the drivers seat. "What took you so long?" he asked. Breathing heavly I answered. "My boots have high heels. Not the best for running in sand in!"
"Then why did you wear them?"
"They look good! Now get going!" I had this feeling that Tann was in trouble. He may be a Bounty Hunter but it was still my job to protect him. From what ever unseen danger there was.

We had just landed in Coursant when we got the news. "Jaina, Jacen. We've found the Chiss Bounty Hunter. He's dead!"

Monday, November 13, 2006

A Quick Interlude.

So all my problems are fixed. So just to keep you in suspense a little bit longer, here is a picture that cracks me up everytime I see it.

Next instalment soon. I promise!