Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Conclusion

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I shut my eyes as the red lightsaber blade decended towards me. The last thing I saw was Kari grinning, knowing that she was going to defeat the only Solo girl, a Jedi Knight and one of the best pilots that the Rogues had ever seen...

There was the sound of two lightsabers clashing and I opened my eyes slowly. A dark blue blade was stopping Kari's red one from hurting me. The shock was painted on her face. I was holding the saber. "What the...." I pushed her back, giving me a chance to get to my feet. "But I..." I flashed her a smile, "My purple lightsaber is infamous, but few know that I carry this one and fewer have seen it." Kari came at me again, I was ready for her and blocked her attack neatly. "But your wrist..." she gasped. This time I attacked, she too blocked it, but it was clumsey. "Oh you don't really think that I haven't been trained to use a lightsaber with both hands do you? It's very important in our training." She snarled and the battle begain again.

Meanwhile, back at the spaceship.
Jacen is trying to stop Hera from getting out the door. "Let me past! I have to go and help her!"
Jacen spread his arms. "No, you can't. You heard what she said. I had to get you to the ship safely."
"No! I have to help her! I don't care what you say. Let me past!" and with that she runs straight at him. Jacen gasps but manages to grap her. She struggles and shouts. "Let me go! Get off of me! GET OFF!" Jacen pushes her backwards and pushes her into a chair. He lets go of her arms and places his hands on her face. "Hera, look at me. Look at me. Jaina said to keep you here. I promised that I'd do as she said. It was probably a very stupid thing to do but she's my twin. It's what we do. Please. I need you to stay here. There is a bathroom and a bed that you can use if you want, but please I need you to stay here." He took his hands from her, stood up and stepped back. Hera too stood up and slowly she walked to the door, she looked out across the horizon, then back into the ship. She sighed and turned around. "Where's the bathroom?"

Kari jumped over my head and I had to block her attack not facing her. I spun low and she jumped over my blade at the same time as kicking out. I grabbed the foot that was coming towards my head and flipped her so she hit the ground. Kari was back on her feet in an instant. She took a few steps backward, wiping the blood from around her mouth and gasping for air. Sand is not the best place for fighting in, we were both sweaty and sand was sticking to us in every possible place while each step sent up new clouds of dust. Kari was keeping up a fierce attack and I noticed that we were getting closer to the cliff that my lightsaber had fallen off. I gasped as I realised that she was planning on pushing me over the edge. Kari noticed. "Well, I see you figgured out my little plan. Don't worry if the fall doesn't kill the sun will." Suddenly, she attacked with renewed vigure, it took all my skill to block the attacks. I was too close to the edge now. One good attack and I would be sent over the edge. "Where do you come from Kari?" I asked. She smiled. "You never know what lies in the shadows beneath your feet." She launched her final attack, but that brief second had given me enough strenght to stop it. Our baldes met for one final time. She kept pushing and pushing. I couldn't hold her, she was too strong, putting all her strength into her lightsaber blade.
I ducked and rolled.
There was a scream as Kari's momentum carried her over the cliff face. It was soon lost.

Hera was coming out of the shower when she heard the ship's door opening. Jaina practiacly fell through it into Jacen's outstreched arms. She was covered in dust, cuts and bruises and her right wrist was at an unatural angle. She lay gasping for air as Jacen held her. "Wh. Where... Where is Hera?" She managed to gasp out. "Shhh..." Jacen answered "She's getting cleaned up."
Jaina smiled. "Then it's over." She reached up and touched Jacen's face. "Let's go home... Brother..." Her eyes closed over as she lost concinousness.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

The Fight

Her black hair was cut in a bob and her pale blue eyes were was cold as steel. I stepped out into open ground. There was no way I was fighting this girl in an enclosed space.
"I've always wanted to meet you Jaina Solo." she spoke. "I never thought that I'd be fighting you."
"Why did you kill him?" I asked. She looked disappointed, "Oh, you don't waste much time do you? Yes, I killed him, he was a risk. He knew too much. We never thought that he would be stupid enough to rob a bank. Stupid Chiss."
"One of my friends was raised by the Chiss." I said as I thrust at her with my saber. She extended hers to block it. It was red. "Sith..." I hissed as I blocked her blade. She was taking this all in her stride. "Sith is such a harsh name. We prefer the term... Dark Jedi."
"You are no Jedi!" I said as I raised my hand and pushed her backwards with the force, she slammed back and hit the ground with a bang. I ran over her and aimed for her face she rolled away and at the same time she kicked me in the back of my legs causing me to buckle. In an instant she was up on her feet and kicked me in the back. I stumbled forward, gasping. "I'm Kari by the way." she told me. "I'll remember that when I'm carving your gravestone!" I lunged forward again. The battle became intense. Thrust, block, spin, block, thrust, kick, thrust, parry, force push, dodge, blade on blade, so close we were almost touching, bang, force jump, aim, block, kick, dodge. I was gaining the upper hand when suddenly Kari went under my blade at the same time as kicking around. She caught my wrist and I heard it break as my crystal saber went flying and fell down a near by cliff. Kari grinned insanely as she advanced towards me, her lightsaber extended, while I backed slowly away, defenceless...

Monday, December 04, 2006

I Should Have Known It Was A Girl.

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"What promise?" Jacen asked me as we lifted off from the docking bay. I ingored him pretending to fix my boots. "I see you changed your footwear then." He noted. I nodded grimly. "I have a feeling that there is going to be a lot of running."
"Jaina please don't do anything reckless." He begged. I looked at him, my hazel eyes met his, "Jacen, I know you don't agree with using the Force as a weapon but sometimes we have to do things that we don't like. Please, I'm going to march into a Hutt stronghold and I'll need your help to make it out without chains on."
He took my hand, "You know that I'll do anything to protect you. I couldn't live without you."
I dropped my gaze. "Thank you."

An hour later I was walking back up to Tarken with my hood up. He was sleeping so I kicked him. Hard.
"Wazzah?" I muttered. I kicked him again. He woke this time and started. "Tann is dead." I hissed to him. "Who was collecting the money from you?"
"I would not tell you. She is far to pretty."
"Oh! It's a girl? I might have guessed that they'd send a girl to you. When does she come."
Tarken ignored me. He looked around easily. Guards were advancing, closing in. "Tell me!"
"No, you'll see her soon enough. I'm sure that she will be interested to see the famous Jaina Solo in chains."
I had all that I needed. I jumped off the Hutt's bed, summersalting through the air extending my lightsaber blade as I went. I hit the ground running and rushed to the enterance. There I stopped and swung my blade at a blue-skinned Twi'lek. She screamed as my blade bit through her chains. I held out my hand. "Hi, I'm Jaina Solo. What's your name?"
"Hera." She managed to say.
"Pleased to meet you Hera. RUN!"
I protected her back, deflecting balster shots as we dodged and weaved for the door. Jacen was waiting for us. He stopped when he saw Hera. "Who's this?"
"Hera." I answered. "Hera, this is my twin, Jacen." She extened her hand. "Pleased to meet you Jacen."
Jacen took it, "Delighted. We should probably go." He said looking over his shoulder. The three of us ran on with me still deflecting balster shots.

They had been chasing us for nearly 15 minutes when we came upon some cliffs and overhangs. "We can lose then here." I gasped. Hera shook her head. "No need. They've turned back."
"What?" Jacen spun round. It was true, they had stopped and were hastly making their way back to the Hutt Palace. "I wonder why they stopped?" I said stepping out infront of the others. Without warning a robed figure dropped infront of me. Instint told me that this was the one I was looking for. Not taking my eyes off the figgure I spoke to the others. "Jacen take Hera and get her safely to the ship."
"Jaina I can't leave you-"
"Jacen, just do as I say. Please. You promised."
I heard him dash off with Hera. The figgure dropped her robe off and I extended my lightsaber again.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Only One Thing Left.

Continued from here.

Jacen and I pushed our way through the blockade that had gone up around the block of flats that Tann lived in. Mum was waiting for us. "What happened?" asked Jacen. I saw the look on Mum's face. Something was not right this wasn't any normal killing. "Oh Sith! What is it?"
Mum looked at us fixing us with a calm but firm glance. "He was killed by a Lightsaber-"
"What? That's impossible! No Jedi would do this!" Jacen intrupeted her. Mum's voice remained flat and in control. "I know, children I hate to say this to you but... I think it might be something to do with the... Sith."
"But. They were destroyed! It can't be! It just can't." I couldn't say anything. I was in shock. Suddenly what Tarken the Hutt had said to me made sense. He saw somethings that he shouldn't have.
"He knew..." I whispered. "He knew, that's why he needed money, to pay them, so they wouldn't kill him..."
Jacen stared at me. "Holy Force..."
"They found this in his bag." said Mum pulling out a small square object, about the size of a keypad. "Know what it is?"
I took it. "No. But I can have a pretty good guess." I walked over to the main door and looked at the keypad. Gently I set the object on it. There was no sound but in a few seconds the door swung open. "I can't believe it!" Jacen said.
I nodded grimly. "Pretty impressive technology. Mum take this round to the bank, see if Marath can hear a noise while it is working. I'll bet he can."
Mum took it from me. "But what are you going to be doing?"
I looked grimly at her. "Jacen and I are going back to Uncle Luke's home planet. I have a promise to keep."