Thursday, January 18, 2007

Memories (Young Jaina and Jacen)

I suppose that we were around six when had our first visit to the Jedi Temple. Jacen and I were so excited, we couldn't wait to see it. Mum had described it's huge stone halls and rooms to us countless times on request. I wanted to be a great hero, like the ones in all the stories and Jacen wanted to hold a lightsaber for himself.

We landed in the forest a bit away from the temple and had to walk the rest of the way. I was getting impatient, I wanted to see the fabled building! We walked out of the forest and there it was! A great building, half into the side of a cliff, looming over me and my brother.

Suddenly unsure of myself I stepped in behind Jacen and he took my hand and smiled at me. He made me feel stronger, so I ran ahead pulling him behind me. We dashed up the path to the doors with Mum calling out behind us to wait for her. She caught us up as the doors opened. Taking my free hand Mum said "Are you ready? This is where you are going to learn all about the ways of the Jedi and when you are older you will live here to get full training." I frowned, "Will Anakin come?"
Mum nodded, "Yes, but he's not old enough to visit yet." I frowned again, "Why isn't Dad a Jedi?" I asked.
"It's hard to understand, but there are these things in your blood that let you use the Force and Han doesn't have any of those."
"And I do?" I asked puzzled.
"And Jacen?"
"And Anakin?"
"But not Dad?"
"What if-" But Jacen cut me off. "Come on Jaina! I want to see Uncle Luke!" he pulled me into the massive building. It's corridors echoed strangely as we stepped down numberless different ones, up steps and past closed doors.

As we got higher up more signs of life appeared, we saw people, and aliens, and droids. Mum pushed open a door and Uncle Luke was in the room with lots of other creatures and people our age. We walked in and sat on the floor. Uncle Luke smiled at us and started talking to everyone. I didn't really listen. There was mention of the Jedi Code and how the New Jedi Order was trying not to make mistakes that had been made before. I didn't know what they were, I was too young to be told the full story. Then Uncle Luke stopped talking. "Children, you are free to explore for a while, but you must stay on this floor.
I tugged Jacen, "Come on, lets go." As we dashed for the door Jacen bumped into a girl with red hair. "Oof! Sorry!" he said.
"It's ok. I'm Tenal Ka. What's your name?"
"I'm Jacen and she's Jaina. We are twins!" He answered with a huge grin on his face. "Want to come exploring with us?" I asked.
She nodded. "Yes please!"

I stood at the foot of a flight of stairs looking up them. "We are not allowed up there Jaina." Tenal Ka told me.
"But it's so boring down here. Come on, just for a bit. Uncle Luke won't mind."
Jacen looked unsure. "Are you sure? What if we get caught?"
"We won't come on!" and I started to tip toe up the stairs.

When we reached the top we looked around cautiously. There was no on there, Tenal Ka pushed me forward and I giggled, "Shh!" whispered Jacen "You'll get us caught!"
All three of us dashed around the corner and into the closest room, it was a bed room. "Ooh!" gasped Tenal Ka. "This must be where the Jedi Masters sleep."
I stood in the middle of the room. "I'm going to be a great Jedi Master! And I'll sleep in this room! And I'll have a really cool lightsaber, and I'll get rid off all my enemies, like this!" and I stated to dash around the room fighting invisible enemies. "But I'll be better!" yelled Jacen and started to pretend to fight me. "And I'll be greater than all of you!" shouted Tenal Ka as she jumped into the mix. Caught up in our excitement we started to use the Force without realizing. It looked as if there was a mini tornado in the room. There was a large bang and we all stopped what we were doing. "Oops..." Whispered Jacen. The room was in a mess, there was paper everywhere and the things on the shelves had fallen over. The bang had been caused by the table falling over. "Let's get out of here..."
But too late we heard footsteps in the hall, we all looked guiltily at each other. A hand pushed the door open...
"RUN!!" I yelled and we dashed out the door, nearly knocking over the man that stood there. "What the -" he stared at us and then looked into his room. "Hey!" he turned back to shout but we were already gone, laughing and giggling as we dashed back to the room that held our parents.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Happy New Year... (a bit late)

Dad and Jacen were sitting beside me when I woke up. As far as I could tell through the haze that I was looking through I was in the Jedi Temple. Dad and Jacen looked as if they hadn't slept in a while. I wondered why. I sat up and Dad and Jacen immediately became aware that I was awake. "Jaina! You're awake! Thank the Force!"
I was slightly confused, I looked at the clock, it was 10.00am. Ok, so I had slept in a bit. But that wasn't that uncommon. So what was all the fuss about?...

"What do you mean I've been asleep for OVER A WEEK?!!" I fell back onto my pillows. "Wait! Did I miss New Year?" Jacen nodded.
"Awww man!" We normaly go to Endor for New Year, boy can Ewoks party! I reached up to fix my hair, but my arm was in a plaster. I looked at it. That was unexpected.
"The medi-droids couldn't fix it?"
Dad shook his head. "It was too bad a break, they say it will heal better this way."
"Oh." I went to get out of bed but Dad pushed me back in.
"Oh no you don't! You have to say in bed. Doctor's orders."
"Stuff the doctors. There's nothing wrong with me." I tried to rise again but this time Jacen pushed me back in.
"You have to say in bed. It's for your own good."
"But I want to see Hera."
Jacen stood up, "She's traning. I can't believe that you freed a slave with Force Potential."
I smiled and so did Dad. "You knew didn't you?"
I nodded and took the opertunity to get out of bed. I went into my bathroom and splashed water on my face, ignoring the protests coming from the bedroom. My face was covered in half healed cuts. I threw on some robes and reached to put my lightsaber in my belt before remembering what had happened to it. I sighed, finding another crystal was going to be difficult.
Dad and Jacen were waiting for me in the hall but we hadn't got far before Anakin appeared around the corner. "Jaina! Jaina, you're up!" He cried.
"Naturaly, you can't keep a good Solo down!"
"I knew you'd pull through." He pressed something into my hand. It was thin and cold and shaped like..."My lightsaber! Anakin, how did you get it?"
Anakin grined, going slightly red. "It's not yours, but it is a perfect replica. I made it while you were sleeping."
I extended the blade, it was the perfect colour. I looked at him and Dad and Jacen. Suddenly I was over come with affection for them all.

I pulled them into a massive hug. "I'm so lucky to have family like you."

Note from Writer: HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! I hope it's blogtastic for all of you!