Sunday, February 25, 2007

A Very Bad Day!

Today was terrible.
Really really terrible.
Truly awefull.

I woke up at 6 and couldn't get back to sleep. Do you know what it's like to wake up at 6 after full days training and then have one ahead of you? Well it's not nice I can tell you!

Down in the canteen they had run out of fresh supplies. Don't ask me how that happened. I blame the government. So all they had to eat was porrage. Nothing to put in it just porrage and I HATE that stuff. Hera was up and tucking in not saying anything. She's changed so much since she came here. I sat down with her and we eat in silence. Jacen appeared about five minutes later making faces at his breakfast. As soon as he sat down beside Hera she dropped her spoon and when she reappeared from underneath the tablle she grabbed her tray and made a hurried exit.
"What's up with her?" I asked Jacen.
He shrugged, "I dunno, probably intimatated by my dashing good looks."
I followed Hera.

Anakin nearly ran into me in the hall. He gave a startled gasp and looked away. "Umm... Sorry Jaina. Got to go. Bye!"
That was not like Anakin. "Wait! What have you done? Anakin! ANAKIN!"
But he was gone to his horrible breakfast.

Lessons didn't go too well either.
For the tenth time that day Aunt Mara stopped her lightsaber from hitting a part of my body.
"What is wrong with you Jaina? You are not preforming to day at all."
I sighed and shook my mended wrist. "I don't know what the matter is."
"Let's get the training sabers out so I can whack you propperly."
That was NOT fun!

At lunch I decided it might be nice to go for a spin in my speeder to relax myself. No chance. She wouldn't start, so I invistegaed the engine. All the signs pointed to her being driven too fast with turns too tight. There was only one person who would be stupid enough to do that to my speeder...

"ANAKIN!!!!!!" I found him in a training room fighting Jacen. I extened my lightsaber and put it in between their two glowing blades. "STOP FIGHTING!" I yelled. Obviously shocked Jacen put his lightsaber away, Anakin did not. Neither did I.
"How DARE you take my speeder out!" I shouted as I thrust my lightsaber in towards his rightside. He parried and came in with a quick overarm pass. I brought mine up deflecting his blow but putting myself off balance. I rolled and came up quicky to regain my balance and Anakins blade hit mine almost as soon as I stood up. I spun from one side to another keeping us both moving, finaly I was able to knock his weapon out of his hand and hold mine to his neck. "DON'T ever do that again. Now go and fix MY speeder!"
He muttered something about liking that thing more than me but I ignored him.
"That was impressive." Jacen noted.
"Yea, well, I guess Aunt Mara won't be getting so many points in this afternoon."

Just then Zekk came running into the room.
"Jaina, Jaina! There's a message coming in for you."
I brushed out past him, "This better be good."

I tapped the screen and Wedge's face appeared infront of me.
"Hello Jaina. Ready for a training week?"

P.s. I finaly got my blog pimped!