Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Final. Part I

The asteroid belt wasn’t that bad, but I knew that if I didn’t find my centre that it would become pretty difficult to navigate. The only thing is its kinna hard to concentrate on the Force when you have someone firing laser shots at your ship.

I dodged a missile from behind me and at the same time dived to avoid an asteroid. I didn’t know what Jag was doing but he was flying rougher than he normally was and I had hardly been on the offensive for the fifteen minutes we had been flying. My shields were down to 90% and Jagged’s were still at 100%.

I pulled sharply around an asteroid trying to get on his tail but he pulled around after me. I opened myself to the force a little more and shot through a tight gap between two big asteroids. Jag was forced to go around them and I managed to get on his tail by slowing down as I came out.
I locked on and pushed my thumb down on the fire button on my joystick, reacting with Jag, staying locked on him. He snap-turned to the left and my lock came off. “Drat!” I muttered under my breath.
I snap-turned to the right and we both arched off in different directions. Suddenly I was forced to pull to the left and downwards to avoid a giant rock that was hurtling towards me. I let myself slide into the Force a bit more and moved to the right left instinctively. Another asteroid shot past me. I smiled; I was close to my centre.
Avoiding the asteroids was a bit easier after that, but they still interfered with the flying. Straight lines would be forced to curve and laser shots hit rock instead of metal.

Ten minutes later we were both on 80% shields with Jag sharp on my tail. “I know Sparky, I know!” I said as my little R5 unit whistled and squeaked at me. I corkscrewed downwards and my monitors told me I lost him. I pulled my ship up to…
“What the? Sparky? Where’d he go?”
Sparky had no idea; he had completely disappeared. “Ok, don’t worry, he has to be about somewhere.” I thought. I checked my screens again. He defiantly wasn’t on radar. “Think Jaina, think. He can’t have pulled out of the sim, you would know. So what could he have- OH!”
I pulled up sharply as a rocket impacted against my tail.
“Rotter! Rotter!” I resisted the urge to call him something worse. I couldn’t believe that I had just fallen for that. Hadn’t my father basically invented that trick? “Well you can’t trick the Trickster buddy.” I hissed through clenched teeth.
Jag’s shot had brought my shields down to 50%. The real fight was only just beginning.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Before the Final

I was deep in mediation before the final of The Rogues tournament trying to find my centre. I knew how difficult this fight would be, made even more difficult by the mix of emotions that were tumbling inside me. I kept remembering how close Jag had been to me, how I could feel his breath on my skin…

Wedge tapped me on the shoulder bringing me out of my trance. “It starts in ten Jaina.”
I stood up. “Thanks Wedge.” He looked at me in the sort of way that had made me nickname him “Uncle Wedge”.
I punched him playfully on the shoulder. “I’ll be fine. Don’t worry.”
Wedge grinned. “I’m not worried for you. Just Jag. You two are so well matched its unbelievable.”
I nodded. “He flies so well, and without the aid of the Force as well. Even though I don’t rely on the Force when I’m flying it comes in handy sometimes.”
Wedge started walking with me towards the door. “I know. What’s the score between you two now? 5-4? 5 all?”
I shook my head and set my jaw. “5-6 to him. But I plan to make it 6-6 by the end of the day. He’s not beating me today. I’ve got to show him…”
“Show him what?”
“Show him that I’m not conquered easily.”
Wedge gave me a funny look. “I’m sure he knows.”

I stood facing Jagged Fel in front of the squadron with our simulators behind us.
Gavin Darklighter began to speak. “Here are the two finalists. Jaina Solo and Jagged Fel. In a moment they will begin their final battle to see who is the victor, but first I would like you to show them how good they are to have reached this place to start off with.”
Everyone broke out into applause and Wedge took up the speech.
“For our final battle we have changed the location slightly. You will be fighting in the middle of an asteroid belt. Not a very big one, the asteroids are fairly well spaced, more them enough room for you to fly in but small enough to give you something else to worry about. So Jania, Jag, if you would be so kind.”

I stepped towards Jag and he did the same to me. We shook hands and I felt something that was like a jolt of electricity shoot through me.
“Sacred?” He asked, almost scorning me.
“A Jedi knows no fear, Fel.” Mocking him back.
He smiled lightly, “We’ll see, Solo.”

We both got into our simulators to cheers from our comrades.This was it. My chance to beat Jag at his own game.