Friday, May 25, 2007


I stood beside Jag, both of us in our flight suits. I hadn’t wanted to do this but Wedge had insisted.
“Due to circumstances beyond our control Jaina blackout in her cockpit during the simulator after defeating Jagged. However, Jaina lost control of her ship and was destroyed herself. Due to this unforeseen difficulty we have had no choice but to place both Jaina Solo and Jagged Fel in first position.”
Gavin stepped forward. “As promised we have a prize for first place but…” He looked at Wedge, Wedge smirked and nodded. Gavin continued, “Well, it was two tickets for a weekend for two on Dantooine… But I guess you can share them!”
I felt my face glowing crimson and saw Jag look down at his feet slightly.
“No, it’s Ok.” I said. “Jag can have them. I need to get back to the temple anyway. I really have to go. Give them to Jag.” I rambled, wishing that my cheeks would revert to their normal colour.


The lads crowed around be patting me on the back and calling good byes as I climbed into the seat of my X-Wing but one person was missing. Jag. I sat down and saw him appear at the door of the bay. My eyes caught his above the crowd and for a brief moment I wished that I was staying. He gave the smallest of nods then turned and walked back away.
I snapped myself back into flying mode, called my good-byes and shut the top of my ship.
A few minutes later and I was on my way back home and made the jump to hyperspace.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Waking Visions

I opened my eyes and immediately shut them again. The light was blinding and it made my head hurt. A thought struck me like a thunderbolt and I sat straight up and opened my eyes. “Jacen.” I exclaimed out loud. It was then I noticed that Wedge and Gavin were standing in the corner of the room and the room I was in was the medical centre. I looked at Wedge. “I’m gonna stop coming to training. Every time I do I wind up in here.”
He smiled, “It’s not my fault. I swear!” Gavin stepped forward, “You were out cold over the controls of the simulator. What happened?”
I held my hand up to my head, the details of what had seemed so important moment ago were slipping away. “I don’t… I can’t remember.” Wedge gave me a worried look. “You must have been in there too long. It was over half an hour.” I shook my head. “No way, I’ve flown for longer than that! No, it was something else… The temple… and… Oh my word! Jacen!”
I tried to stand up but my legs wouldn’t let me. “Sorry Jaina, we gave you a sedative. You were going crazy a few minutes ago.”
“What? But I have to get back to the Temple! Wedge! I have to go!”
Gavin shook his head, “Sorry Jaina, but you have to stay here until we get you checked out.”
“But Colonel! Jacen’s in trouble! He needs me!”
But Gavin just shook his head again. “Sorry but even if you didn’t need to be checked out you can’t go anywhere until that sedative wears off.” I groaned and lay back down then sat up as I remembered something else.
“The final Wedge… What happened?”
Wedge was already half way out the door, he paused and gave me a sad look. “You blew up Jag’s ship with some spectacular flying.”
“But-” I prompted him. I knew there had to be more.
“But… Jag released rockets just before yours hit him.” Wedge turned away from me. “You flew straight into them. It must have been then that you lost consciousness. But we had to count it. It was a draw. Sorry, Jaina.”
I let out a groan and lay back down; my head was beginning to hurt again.

About five minutes later I heard the door open, I tried to move my legs but they were still numb so I sat up instead. Jagged Fel was standing in the doorway.
“Oh.” Was all I managed to say.
“Hello Jaina. I hope you feel better.” He said with that accent of his.
“I’m all right I guess. I suppose I should say congratulations.” I had to admit, it hurt that he had beaten me again.
“Why?” he asked walking over. “It is me who should be congratulating you. You did beat me after all.”
“No I didn’t. Your rockets blew me up.”
“But after you had blown me up.” He sat on the end of my bed. “Besides, it does not matter. I have come to ask for a rematch. You would not have flown into them had you been well.”
“There’s nothing wrong with me!” I exclaimed, “apart from the fact that I can’t walk, that is.” I looked at him, the thought of a rematch sounded good. I knew that I could fly the way I had been again, but then I remembered Jacen and I shook my head. “Another time perhaps, but I need to go back to the temple. Jacen needs me.”
His eyes held mine for a second longer than was normal and I felt something move inside me. “That is a pity. I would not like this to be hanging in the air for a long time.”“Soon, I promise.” And I patted his arm. He took it and placed it on the bed. “You need rest. I will see you tomorrow at the award ceremony. Then you will leave. That I know.” He turned and looked at me one more time before heading out the door and I tried without success to go to sleep.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

The Final. Part III

Suddenly I wasn’t in the cockpit of my x-wing any more. I was looking down on a room that looked rather familiar and my vision was blurry around the edges and I couldn’t change my view.
Did I hit my head off something? I wondered. I saw a figure walk I into my sight, they looked familiar…
“Jacen?” I cried out, or rather tried to. That’s when I realised that everything was silent. I couldn’t hear anything.
Ok, so I was floating above a room in the temple, because that’s where I had to be, but why was I here and how do I get down? My sight flickered and Jacen appeared back in it with his lightsaber drawn.
Oh my word! What was going on? Jacen never fights!
He was saying something but I couldn’t hear him. I saw a blue blade crash on his but the owner didn’t come into view. Jacen spoke again. There was a pause then he spoke. I assume he was talking to who ever the blue blade belonged to. Jacen stepped forward and was forced back by his attacker. He tried to talk again but wasn’t allowed to. His lips stopped moving and I knew he was trying not to hurt whoever who was attacking him.
Suddenly I heard my name being screamed. “Jaina! Jaina!” It was Jacen but he wasn’t speaking. Then I realised. He was thinking my name. “Jaina! Jaina! Come home!”
I tried to answer him, to tell him that I was already there but my lips wouldn’t move. Jacen continued to yell. “Jaina, come home soon! We need you!”
I stretched out my hand to him but as I did my world went black and he disappeared from view.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

The Final Part II

I swerved a boulder the size of a hovercraft as it came hurtling towards my ship and at the same time let off a volley of shots at Jag. All of them impacted. Jag pushed his nose down and as soon as he did I saw why. A mass of asteroids was heading directly towards me. If I could get through them I would have the advantage over Jag, being above him and with more speed, but the only problem was that the clump looked imperturbable. There was little time to figure out a strategy so I did what I do best and flew straight into trouble.
On the way there I shut down all my screens and monitors. Sparkly squealed at me. “Yes, I know I shut them all down….
“Why? Because I know what I’m doing that’s why!”
There was no more time to argue as at that moment we hurtled into the middle of them.

The squadron outside of the simulators let out a collective gasp as they watched Jaina shot into the middle of a cluster of asteroids.
“Is she mad?” came a cry from the back of the group.
“No,” Gavin answered. “She’s a Jedi.”

The few minutes I spent in there was all a blur, I don’t remember much of it. I just knew that somewhere in the middle of it I dropped entirely into the Force and everything was just a matter of pushing my joystick in the right direction.
It was the same when I came out. I don’t remember getting on Jag’s tail or releasing the rocket and shots that brought his shields down to 30% and I don’t recall when I obtained the damage that brought my shields down to 35% either.
What I do remember is looping Jag and firing rockets that couldn’t miss. It was at that moment that I came out of the trance that I was in. Like I no longer needed to be at that level with it anymore.
I saw Jag’s ship release a few rockets before it exploded and before I had a chance to alter my course so I wouldn’t fly into them the stars flew towards me and the sounds of my engine disappeared.
“Sparky? Did you enable the hyperdrive?” Frantically I tried to bring my screens back down but I couldn’t. “Sparky? Sparky?” There was no answer. “Disengage hyperdrive! SPARKY!!”