Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A Jedi Knight of Old. Part V

“Wha-? No!” I was shocked! Kill her? Why would I do that? We were Jedi, at least I was a Jedi. It was my job to protect life! Not take it away! It suddenly dawned on me that I was in a strange ship with a person that I had only known for a few hours. She could kill me and no one would ever find out what happened.
I backed away a few steps without realising it.
“Why would I want you to kill her? She needs help, not hurt!”

"I'm not going to hurt you," she said calmly, "You haven't read much about the old temple, have you? We had to put down threats, specifically ones that could possibly lead to the sith. I can cleanse her mind, but that wasn't my specialty… I just know some tricks, from my-" She cut her sentence off as we passed two rooms with closed doors.

Lebua stopped at the next room, "Feel free to go into every room on the ship except the two I passed by. I will go watch the ship, if you need a short nap, it will be an hour or so before we arrive." I wondered what had happened to the residents of those rooms.

I watched her walk away and wondered how many times she had done that in her life. My first impression had been right, she had gone through trials and seen darkness and I wondered what they were.

I sat on the bed and opened myself to the Force. I didn’t need sleep, I didn’t want sleep. I contemplated all that had happened in the last hour. The Old Temple? Well, no one knew about that thanks to the Emperor. Mind wipes? Well that one wasn’t new; Uncle Luke had tried to do that to me once. But put down threats? Just what did that mean, though I had a fair idea. But why?
I sighed and held my head in my hands and thought about Hera. Just what did I want Lebua to do with her? Gain her trust for a start and then help her. But how? How to help her?
The Force nudged me and showed me a picture of my Aunt. Suddenly it was all so clear.
Hera needed a Master, someone that she could trust and Master Sapphire needed someone as well.But would she take up her lightsaber again? And how to suggest it to her?

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Sunday, July 29, 2007

A Jedi Knight of Old. Part IV

"Magna Guard staff." She stated, "Those things are hard to come by. I had to kill a couple of them to find one that worked after they stopped working. I even had to repair that one."

“Cool!” I picked it up gently and took a defensive stance. I activated it and purple jets of energy snapped and fizzled at both ends. It was heavy compared to a lightsaber and felt bulky in my hands. Slowly I began to spin it and moved it in arching movements that surrounded my body. As I got a feel for it I increased my speed and changed direction, letting the light of it blur into large arcs, steadily I added movement to my feet until I was travelling up and down the room, always cautious knowing that one mistake could hurt me, her or something in the room.
Eventually I stopped and deactivated it.
Breathing deeply I replaced it gently where I had got it. “I never did like using double ended weapons very much.” I commented.
"Well, I am a dual-wield saber specialist. In my time, a sith known as Darth Maul was a double ended saber specialist… I've seen so many fighting styles, its not even funny. There are more rooms, if you are interested, but I understand why this room attracts you so."

She breathed deeply, brushing her lekkus back, throwing them into the air, allowing them to land behind her with a grace of someone much younger than I knew she must be.

“Darth Maul…” I repeated the name. It sounded familiar. “Oh yea! He was the Sith that killed Old Ben’s Master, wasn’t he? Well, each to their own, I suppose.”
I stepped away from all the weapons.
“This room is nice but I’m sure the others are just as interesting. Lead on good Jedi!” I laughed, I was really beginning to enjoy myself.

Her room was very different to the armoury. It was deeper, had more feeling to it. I felt like I was intruding into something very private. I was just about to leave when one of the pictures I had avoided looking at caught my eye.
It was a beautiful young twi’lek woman, dancing, lost in her own world. I could hardly tear my eyes away.
“That’s your mother, isn’t it? She is stunning.”
I wasn’t sure what to say next. My relationship with my own mother was, well, difficult and I didn’t know how to talk to someone else about theirs. Again Hera floated into my mind and I knew I had to mention her soon.
“Was she… did she ever… dance?”

She sighed, out of annoyance or uncomfort, I couldn’t tell. She answered me in simple facts. "She was a slave-dancer. My father bought her. My father fell in love with her. She died giving birth to me."

"This really isn't about me or my mother though, is it?" She asked.

I shook my head. I was glad that she had brought it up, I wasn’t sure how too. I was sorry about her parents. At least mine were still alive.
“No. It’s like I said before, there’s a bit of a situation up at the Temple that I think you could help us with.”
I stepped back into the hall and sighed, “I rescued a twi’lek from Tarken the Hutt. I don’t know why, she just seemed to call out to me and I could feel that she was Force sensitive.
Her name is Hera and she seemed to be happy in the Temple. She’s good with the Force for only being trained for a few months and I thought everything was going great. But then I went away for a few weeks to train with the Rouges and I had…not a vision of sorts but more of a few of what was happening at that time thing, to Jacen. My twin.
He was being attacked but I couldn’t see whom by and when I got back I discovered that it was Hera. I’m the only person that she will let near her and she can only have females in the room with her. She freaks out if there are any men in the same room as her. We don’t know what to do with her. We guess that she might me more trusting of a twi’lek but the only other Jedi twi’lek that we have is in the outer rim and anyway, he’s male.”
I sighed again, “I don’t know what to do. No one does.”

She set her hand on her hip and said six words I never expected to come out of her mouth, "Am I to kill her then?"

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Friday, July 27, 2007

A Jedi Knight of Old. Part III

I landed gracefully in the bay that Lebua had told me. My ship wasn't thatimpressive. It was once a simple ship used for getting people from one sideof the galaxy to the other, but Anakin and I had done a bit of work on itlike all the Jedi ships and it now had basic weapons and powerful iondrives.I gasped as I saw the ship that Lebua owned. It was massive and like nothing I had ever seen before. I knew straight away that it would have no troublegetting mine to Yavin IV. Where on Coursant had that thing come from? Ialso vaguely wondered what Uncle Luke and Anakin would think when it landed.

"Get anything you may need from your ship, and we'll get going right away.” She said when I arrived.

I grabbed a blaster from my ship and locked it. My lightsaber hung from my belt. Those were the only two things that I ever needed. I stepped up on the ramp and into the ship. It gave off a strange feel. I guessed its history was as mysterious and unknown as Master Sapphire's.

She took my ship into hers before speaking again.

"Give me a second to get it out, and then you and I, we can talk, and I will let you explore this little monstrosity."

I smiled. That would be fun. I gently touched a wall. It was smooth and cold to the touch and sent a shiver through me. "You'd best come out of hyperspace a little way from Yavin IV so you don't scare the pants off everyone in the temple. Jacen will know that it's me though. So does this thing have a name?"

"Nope," she said simply, "I just call it the Langorian. Which is ridiculous, because that's the planet its from. And I will make sure they don't die from fright. This old girl is quite scary. Looks like a ghost ship because of the rusty colouring…"

I stared. "But every ship has to have a name!" Then what she said sunk in. Langoria! "You are kidding me! This thing came from Langoria? Wow! It does explain a lot though."

She started the hyper thrusters… and looked at me, "Want to see something neat… How long does it normally take to get to Yavin? It’s been so long…”
I scrunched my brow, "Umm... Back to Yavin, about three and a half hours in the Falcon so in a normal ship around four." I looked sideways at her. "But this isn't a normal ship, is it?"

She laughed, "No, its not a normal ship, but its no Falcon. I fought along side the Falcon on the second battle on the Death Star. She's amazing… So agile… Nimble… Your father is very lucky. This ship, it will make it in two. But, this is a worthless hunk of junk in combat. It can't manoeuvre, its got really big guns, and pretty strong shields, but it can't evade… Sorry. I used to fly CIS Bombers on runs for the GAR," I responded.

I gawped. This was no ordinary Jedi MasterLebua just kept coming out with more surprises. Only two hours to Yavin? CISBombers on runs for the GAR? What hadn't this girl done?"You flew on the Death Star assault? Then, do you all ready know Uncle Luke? As for this ship, I don't think that it's a hunk of junk. But then, that's what Dad always says about the Falcon, so I guess it's almost a part of you. Could I take a look at its engine sometime? If you stick around…" I suddenly stopped talking, thinking that that was the wrong thing to say.

"I never met your uncle. That would have thrown off something with him as far as the force is concerned. And if you'd like, you can look at the engine. It's incomprehendable."

After the ship was ready in orbit, Lebua hit some buttons, and the engines hummed loudly, then there was a green flash, and it looked like a rainbow as we flew and the star's light refracted against the movement of the ship on the outside. It was so pretty and I was distracted by it slightly.

"If you're the type of person I have you pegged for, I'm sure you'll want to see the armoury room first." With that she stood, and walked out of the cockpit.

I nearly tripped over myself in excitement. Armoury? Brilliant! I hurried after Master Sapphire taking in everything I saw, feeling like a little child again. This ship was massive and so complex I couldn't even begin to comprehend its secrets and hallways.

I let out a breath as I stepped into that room. It was astounding. Now being a Jedi I’m not supposed to believe in offensive tactics but I’m also not like Jacen who will try not to defend himself, if at all possible. But even Jacen would have liked a look in here.
There was every sort of thing imaginable as well as a few that weren’t!
Remains of old enemies and weapons were scattered along the wall but one particular stood out. It sat beside something that looked like it was once a Beam Gun but I wasn’t sure, the one that I was interested in looked like it had been an electro staff at one point but had been altered and worked on until it was changed completely.
I pointed at it.
“What is that thing?”

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A Jedi Knight of Old. Part II

I breathed deeply, drawing on the Force. What was I going to do with her? I didn't know. I don't think Uncle Luke really expected the rumours to be true, my orders had just to check it out. But I also knew that he would want me to bring her back to the temple so that we could learn about the old ways. There was so much that she could teach us.

Confused I went inside my mind for a moment to seek refuge. Suddenly Jacen's face appeared from nowhere. "Let her decide Jaina. She is her own person, and there is no way you could bring her in by force. She was probably a Jedi Master. She will know what to do."I opened my eyes and looked at Lebua's. "I don't know." I answered truthfully. "I'm guessing that you don't want to go back to the temple because you never made contact. I don't know why that is. Perhaps you don't like the changes that Uncle Luke made. The thing is that we know so little about the Jedi back then, it would be brilliant if you could come back with me and teach us, Master."

Her eyes widened and she spun the gun on the table, sending both of our glasses flying. She lunged across the table and pressed her gun to my throat.
"Who told you I was a master?!" she demanded, her eyes wide, with… was that fear?

"A Jedi knows no fear." The words echoed in my mind as my hand shot for my lightsaber. Then I felt eyes on me; half the bar was looking at us and the source of the commotion. I couldn't reveal what I was down here! Tension crackled all around us.

Calmly I gently pushed the end of the gun away from me. "No one told me anything. I just assumed." I said with practiced patience."You must have been powerful to survive the purge... Only two others managedit..."I didn't want to ask her about that day. It must have been terrible, everyone that she knew and cared for dead... murdered by my own Grandfather... I repressed a shudder. I looked at her sideways, her eyes were blazing, not unlike Dad's sometimes, tentively I asked, "That's a 'No' for coming back to the temple then?" I was sitting on the edge of my seat, ready to react should she attackagain.

She released me but moved the gun back into position, holding it steady. Her tone was annoyed when she spoke. "I will come. But if you ever hide your emotion again, I will blow your brains out of your head."
"I'm old," she muttered, "I'm grumpy, and I've had a hard life. My past is my own, but if you would like me to come to the temple. I will come and I will teach with lessons from my past."

I was shocked. "Really?", I blinked. I hadn't expected her to come at all, just to melt back into the streets after our encounter. "Wow... That's... Brilliant!" I smiled at her, and stood up. "Let's go then!" I chucked a few credits to the bar keep and looked again at the indigo twi'lek.
Hera again passed through my mind."The thing is, at the moment there's a bit of a... situation at the Temple... I think that you could help us,"I thought about explaining but then decided to leave it for the journey. "It's a long story. I'll tell you on the way."

She laughed. It was like nothing I’d ever heard and she swifty covered her mouth. "There is nothing that I haven't encountered." She said.

She looked at me, "You flying?"
I nodded, "Sure thing. I have a Jedi Ship docked in the bay. It should fit both of us."

"I can fly us both out, with your ship in my cargo-bay," she told me, "Unless you don't trust me."

I looked at her, I did trust her. I knew that.So I agreed. "Sure, if your ship can take mine. I'd love to see it!"

“Meet me by the Empty Lot, coordinates, 51-62. I will pick up your ship there, so we have room for the exchange."

I nodded. "51-62" I muttered to make sure I remembered. I gave her a waveand walked off, trying to push the thought that said she was going to make a run for it to the back of my mind.

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Friday, July 20, 2007

A Jedi Knight of Old

The bar was hot and stuffy. I managed to find a seat and sit down ordering a Cosmix Cocktail. Music pumped around me as I sweeped the building with the Force. There was definitely something there but where and what? I took a sip of my drink and decided to let the twi'lek come to me if she was here. Something told me that it would be difficult to find her if I tried to.

I glanced around again. Something caught my eye in a dark corner, a slight glow. Another look told me that it was someone’s eyes glowing. Most of the person was concealed under a cloak but I could tell that it was a female Twi'lek. Reaching out with the Force I could tell that she was the one I was looking for.I realised that she was looking directly at me and I knew that she knew that I was looking for her. Clever of her. I too studied her back. There was something about her eyes that me feel uneasy. Darkness, she had seen a lot. Too much, gone through trials. And I knew that she posed no threat to the temple and something told me, on impluse, that only she could help Hera. Steadying myself with the help of the force I took a breath and dandered over to her table, where her sniper rifle was lying plainly. Sliding into the seat next to her I nodded at it. "A favourite?"

Depends;" she responded, "I've had it since I was eleven. Old GAR Training."

She whistled at the bar keep, and spoke in Wookie. He brought over two drinks. One was a light martini; the second was a double shot. She pushed the martini to me, "Oh me. I've heard of you,”

I picked up the drink that she ordered for me and took a sip, trying not to let my surprise show. I guess it shouldn't come as a surprise to me any more that people know who I am. At one time my family was the most well known in the galaxy. I looked at her again. "I guess my parents reputation follows me around a bit. But you, you have a reputation, but no name to go with it. Rumour has it that GAR Training wasn’t the only type you had..."
I hoped that I wasn't being too blunt. I didn't want to scare her away. But something also told me that it would take a lot to scare this female.

"No, I heard of some of the things you've done," she responded, "But I will admit, they have a large shadow that is hard to get out of."

I was impressed and a bit flattered as well. She had heard of me, not just my parents! Noting that she had ignored my comment either by accident or on purpose I took the conversation round to a different angle. I smiled at her. "So you've heard of me and you know my name. But I still don't know yours." I took another sip of the drink and watched the liquid in it spin as I fiddled with the stick in it.

“As of now, you can call me Leuba Sapphire ,"she said, "I am sure you've heard something of me. Somewhere. Even if it is just a whisper."

I gasped as Leuba let down her hood to show her three leku. "It is you." I breathed. "Then it's true. You are a Jedi..." I was suddenly overcome by an awe that I couldn't describe, it was somewhat like the feeling that I had when I first saw Uncle Luke show me the Force, but it was something much more, deeper. This Leuba Sapphire was a Jedi Knight Of Old!
She raised my eyebrow, "Now that you know," she asked, "What are you going to do to me?"

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Monday, July 16, 2007

A Yellow Lightsaber?

I had often wandered the back streets of Coursant. Something drew me there that I supossed was my father’s genes coming out in me. However there was another reason for being down here today. Rumours had reached Master Skywalker’s ears of what people were calling a rouge Jedi, but no one in the temple had ever heard of a twi'lek that fitted the vague descriptions of her. I hadn’t wanted to leave Hera following what had happened at the temple but even Hera had to admit that I was best fitted for this assigment. So I kept her ears and eyes open in search of clues.

“Yea, a yellow energy sword. That’s what I heard.”
“Don’t be stupid, no one has a yellow one.”

The whispered converstaion reached my alert ears. I spun on her heal and located the source of the voices. A man and a Ishi Tib were leaning up against a wall discussing the colour of a lightsaber. Walking over to them I greeted them. “I didn’t think that there are any yellow energy swords. I’d like to meet someone with one though. I’ve never even seen a real Jedi before.”
The human regarded me. “Yea, well there aren’t that many any more are there?”
I shrugged, “I don’t know much about this stuff. What were you saying about a yellow energy sword?”
The Ishi Tib jerked his head over his shoulder, “Rumours that a twi’lek with three braids uses one. From in there.”
“Thanks mister. I’ll go see if I can find her. I wonder if she is a real jedi?”
The human laughed, “Not much chance of that. She probably got lucky in a fight and took it.”I let my face fall. “Oh. Well, I’ll go and look anyway. Bye.” I waved and walked into the bar that I had been directed to wondering if my sources were in any way reliable.