Friday, July 27, 2007

A Jedi Knight of Old. Part III

I landed gracefully in the bay that Lebua had told me. My ship wasn't thatimpressive. It was once a simple ship used for getting people from one sideof the galaxy to the other, but Anakin and I had done a bit of work on itlike all the Jedi ships and it now had basic weapons and powerful iondrives.I gasped as I saw the ship that Lebua owned. It was massive and like nothing I had ever seen before. I knew straight away that it would have no troublegetting mine to Yavin IV. Where on Coursant had that thing come from? Ialso vaguely wondered what Uncle Luke and Anakin would think when it landed.

"Get anything you may need from your ship, and we'll get going right away.” She said when I arrived.

I grabbed a blaster from my ship and locked it. My lightsaber hung from my belt. Those were the only two things that I ever needed. I stepped up on the ramp and into the ship. It gave off a strange feel. I guessed its history was as mysterious and unknown as Master Sapphire's.

She took my ship into hers before speaking again.

"Give me a second to get it out, and then you and I, we can talk, and I will let you explore this little monstrosity."

I smiled. That would be fun. I gently touched a wall. It was smooth and cold to the touch and sent a shiver through me. "You'd best come out of hyperspace a little way from Yavin IV so you don't scare the pants off everyone in the temple. Jacen will know that it's me though. So does this thing have a name?"

"Nope," she said simply, "I just call it the Langorian. Which is ridiculous, because that's the planet its from. And I will make sure they don't die from fright. This old girl is quite scary. Looks like a ghost ship because of the rusty colouring…"

I stared. "But every ship has to have a name!" Then what she said sunk in. Langoria! "You are kidding me! This thing came from Langoria? Wow! It does explain a lot though."

She started the hyper thrusters… and looked at me, "Want to see something neat… How long does it normally take to get to Yavin? It’s been so long…”
I scrunched my brow, "Umm... Back to Yavin, about three and a half hours in the Falcon so in a normal ship around four." I looked sideways at her. "But this isn't a normal ship, is it?"

She laughed, "No, its not a normal ship, but its no Falcon. I fought along side the Falcon on the second battle on the Death Star. She's amazing… So agile… Nimble… Your father is very lucky. This ship, it will make it in two. But, this is a worthless hunk of junk in combat. It can't manoeuvre, its got really big guns, and pretty strong shields, but it can't evade… Sorry. I used to fly CIS Bombers on runs for the GAR," I responded.

I gawped. This was no ordinary Jedi MasterLebua just kept coming out with more surprises. Only two hours to Yavin? CISBombers on runs for the GAR? What hadn't this girl done?"You flew on the Death Star assault? Then, do you all ready know Uncle Luke? As for this ship, I don't think that it's a hunk of junk. But then, that's what Dad always says about the Falcon, so I guess it's almost a part of you. Could I take a look at its engine sometime? If you stick around…" I suddenly stopped talking, thinking that that was the wrong thing to say.

"I never met your uncle. That would have thrown off something with him as far as the force is concerned. And if you'd like, you can look at the engine. It's incomprehendable."

After the ship was ready in orbit, Lebua hit some buttons, and the engines hummed loudly, then there was a green flash, and it looked like a rainbow as we flew and the star's light refracted against the movement of the ship on the outside. It was so pretty and I was distracted by it slightly.

"If you're the type of person I have you pegged for, I'm sure you'll want to see the armoury room first." With that she stood, and walked out of the cockpit.

I nearly tripped over myself in excitement. Armoury? Brilliant! I hurried after Master Sapphire taking in everything I saw, feeling like a little child again. This ship was massive and so complex I couldn't even begin to comprehend its secrets and hallways.

I let out a breath as I stepped into that room. It was astounding. Now being a Jedi I’m not supposed to believe in offensive tactics but I’m also not like Jacen who will try not to defend himself, if at all possible. But even Jacen would have liked a look in here.
There was every sort of thing imaginable as well as a few that weren’t!
Remains of old enemies and weapons were scattered along the wall but one particular stood out. It sat beside something that looked like it was once a Beam Gun but I wasn’t sure, the one that I was interested in looked like it had been an electro staff at one point but had been altered and worked on until it was changed completely.
I pointed at it.
“What is that thing?”

(See Lebua's version of events here.)


Blogger Padawan Erifia said...

You mean... I'm going to do all these things.

4:46 am  
Blogger Erifia Apoc said...

Yup, I did all those things. What's a Death Star? Is it that one red star that makes you blind when you look at it?

4:47 am  
Blogger Leuba Sapphire said...

Oh, to be young again.

And Jaina, I'm glad you like my ship.

4:49 am  
Blogger Skywalker said...

“What is that thing?”

What was it? I'm dying to know now!

4:38 pm  
Blogger Dark Jedi Kriss said...

Death Star? OMG! *glup*

4:42 pm  

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