Sunday, July 29, 2007

A Jedi Knight of Old. Part IV

"Magna Guard staff." She stated, "Those things are hard to come by. I had to kill a couple of them to find one that worked after they stopped working. I even had to repair that one."

“Cool!” I picked it up gently and took a defensive stance. I activated it and purple jets of energy snapped and fizzled at both ends. It was heavy compared to a lightsaber and felt bulky in my hands. Slowly I began to spin it and moved it in arching movements that surrounded my body. As I got a feel for it I increased my speed and changed direction, letting the light of it blur into large arcs, steadily I added movement to my feet until I was travelling up and down the room, always cautious knowing that one mistake could hurt me, her or something in the room.
Eventually I stopped and deactivated it.
Breathing deeply I replaced it gently where I had got it. “I never did like using double ended weapons very much.” I commented.
"Well, I am a dual-wield saber specialist. In my time, a sith known as Darth Maul was a double ended saber specialist… I've seen so many fighting styles, its not even funny. There are more rooms, if you are interested, but I understand why this room attracts you so."

She breathed deeply, brushing her lekkus back, throwing them into the air, allowing them to land behind her with a grace of someone much younger than I knew she must be.

“Darth Maul…” I repeated the name. It sounded familiar. “Oh yea! He was the Sith that killed Old Ben’s Master, wasn’t he? Well, each to their own, I suppose.”
I stepped away from all the weapons.
“This room is nice but I’m sure the others are just as interesting. Lead on good Jedi!” I laughed, I was really beginning to enjoy myself.

Her room was very different to the armoury. It was deeper, had more feeling to it. I felt like I was intruding into something very private. I was just about to leave when one of the pictures I had avoided looking at caught my eye.
It was a beautiful young twi’lek woman, dancing, lost in her own world. I could hardly tear my eyes away.
“That’s your mother, isn’t it? She is stunning.”
I wasn’t sure what to say next. My relationship with my own mother was, well, difficult and I didn’t know how to talk to someone else about theirs. Again Hera floated into my mind and I knew I had to mention her soon.
“Was she… did she ever… dance?”

She sighed, out of annoyance or uncomfort, I couldn’t tell. She answered me in simple facts. "She was a slave-dancer. My father bought her. My father fell in love with her. She died giving birth to me."

"This really isn't about me or my mother though, is it?" She asked.

I shook my head. I was glad that she had brought it up, I wasn’t sure how too. I was sorry about her parents. At least mine were still alive.
“No. It’s like I said before, there’s a bit of a situation up at the Temple that I think you could help us with.”
I stepped back into the hall and sighed, “I rescued a twi’lek from Tarken the Hutt. I don’t know why, she just seemed to call out to me and I could feel that she was Force sensitive.
Her name is Hera and she seemed to be happy in the Temple. She’s good with the Force for only being trained for a few months and I thought everything was going great. But then I went away for a few weeks to train with the Rouges and I had…not a vision of sorts but more of a few of what was happening at that time thing, to Jacen. My twin.
He was being attacked but I couldn’t see whom by and when I got back I discovered that it was Hera. I’m the only person that she will let near her and she can only have females in the room with her. She freaks out if there are any men in the same room as her. We don’t know what to do with her. We guess that she might me more trusting of a twi’lek but the only other Jedi twi’lek that we have is in the outer rim and anyway, he’s male.”
I sighed again, “I don’t know what to do. No one does.”

She set her hand on her hip and said six words I never expected to come out of her mouth, "Am I to kill her then?"

(See Lebua's side of all this here.)


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Yup: Certainly sounds like me. "Am I to kill her then?" Yeah: Really me.

On another note, my Verification word is, "Mythash" which is a type of knife. Or, for those of you who favor spashed, "Myth Ash" which could be "Mythical Ash" which is from Pokemon Silver. It also could be random letters.

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Do we have to bring up Maul?

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Tarken the Hutt? I dont want to know...

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