Friday, August 03, 2007

A Jedi Knight of Old. Part VIII

Hera jumped up, shocked as Master Sapphire entered the room. I don’t know what she had done but I felt power and wisdom emitting off her like crazy. I stepped towards Hera encase she felt threatened but at the same time the Force told me it was unneeded. Hera was shocked and frightened but there was no hostility there. Just a resounding feeling of trust. I didn’t speak but watched as she stepped towards Lebua, a disbelieving look on her face. Her book hung limp in one hand and the lightsaber gripped in the other.
Looking Master Sapphire in the eyes she whispered, “No… It can’t be…” Still holding her gaze she latched her lightsaber to the belt at the top of her trousers, something she hadn’t done in a long time. Slowly she reached up and traced the line of Master Sapphire’s face with her hand. “They told me you weren’t real… That they were just stupid dreams…” she breathed.
Astounded I watched on as she fell to her knees, sobbing gently. “But it’s true, you’re real. And you’re here, you’re here.”

Lebua cast a helpless look at me and gently rubbed the top of Hera’s head, "Calm down Hera…" She knelt down, and Hera held her tightly.

"Hera… It'll be okay," Lebua whispered gently..

I sat down on the other side of Hera. “Come on. It’s ok. She’s here to help you. She’s the one the rumours were about. Her name is Lebua Sapphire.”
Slowly Hera stopped crying and sat up. “Really? You’re going to help me?”
“Yes, she is.” I answered firmly. “Now why don’t you tell us about the dreams that you had.”
Hera sniffed and rubbed her eyes. “It was years ago. When I was still young. I must only have been about eight but I was still made to serve Tarken’s guests. They would make fun of me and call me names. The other twi’lek girls didn’t like me and they would trip me up so that I fell and got punished. When I had really bad days I cried myself to sleep and there would always be a tri’lek waiting for me there. She was so strong looking and she held two lightswords, sorry, sabers. Sometimes she would tell me that it would be all right and that we would meet someday but other times she wouldn’t speak. Just stand there and it made me feel better. Once I tried to tell the other slaves about her but they just laughed at me and I had just handed them another source of amusement to them. After a while I learnt not to mention them and eventually they stopped happening. But I never forgot her.”
She looked up. “And now I know your name. Master Lebua Sapphire. Thank-you.”

Lebua took Hera in her arms and hugged her, whispering gently to her. I quietly stood up and stepped back from the two. I smiled as I saw them together, a blue skinned teenage twi’lek from the New Jedi Order and an indigo skinned tri’lek from the Old Republic. I felt tears well in my eyes as the Force in the room swirled gently with hope, love and most important of all, peace.


“Hurry up Hera! We are already late!” I called as Hera and I dashed down a hallway.
Skidding to a halt outside the door giggling slightly. We both sobered up as we caught a glance of Master Sapphire.
She pointed menacingly at us. “You two are late. You have kept the entire class waiting. You have kept me waiting. Miss Solo, you and my no good Padawan are going to be my… Victims for the day…”
She lifted her sabers off the floor using the Force and as they lifted I looked at Hera, grinned and we both ignited ours, a purple and blue one glowing gently side-by-side.

(Master Sapphire's point of view is here.)

A Jedi Knight of Old. Part VII

I watched her as she moved around the room, touching things and muttering to herself. I cut myself off from the Force, not wanting to catch glimpses of what she was feeling.

I watched her break down at Ben’s lightsaber. I turned away, not wanting to watch her world be ripped apart again.
I looked up when she spoke, her voice was angry and I nodded and led the way out of the room, up countless flights of stairs and through winding corridors staying silent.

She followed me up the stairs without a word and then spoke at the top, "Thanks for showing me that room."

I stopped and turned around to face her surprised. “Why?”

"Because I am old, and allowed to be erratic and irrational."

I bowed my head feeling bad for asking the question. I knew it had been the wrong thing to say as soon as it came out of my mouth.
I hurried after her.
“We’re nearly there. Master Skywalker should- oh!” I broke off because at that moment he walked around the corner.
“Jaina, there you are. Zekk said something about you arriving in a strange ship.”
“Yes Master. I’ve completed the mission you set me. This is Master Lebua Sapphire.” I gestured towards her. “It’s her ship. They weren’t rumours. She’s a Jedi.”

I watched as she looked at him and spoke to him. I saw tears glisten in the corner of his eye as she gave him the highest praise possible. I knew that there would be many questions and answers between the both of them. I took my leave and went to see how Hera was.
She was in her room reading a book and jumped up in fright when I came in.
“It’s only me Hera. I’m back.” I said gently. She loosened her grip on the lightsaber that she held.
“You weren’t gone long Jaina.” She spoke.
“I wasn’t. I found the source of the rumours and I came back. How have you been?”
“I read my way through half of the library. I can’t believe how much books distract me.” She started to relax the way she always did around me.
“Are you sure that distractions are the best way?”
“I’ve been thinking about that as well and I’m sorry for what I did to Jacen.” She hung her head.
“You just need someone to trust. Someone who knows what you are going through.” I replied.
“And where is someone like that going to turn up?” she asked and picked up her book again.

"Here." Came then reply and I looked up to see Master Sapphire standing framed in the doorway.

(Find out what Lebua said here.)

A Jedi Knight of Old. Part VI

"Wake up time, Miss Solo, we are within three minutes of Yavin 4. If you don't want me blazing in, you should wake up now."

I jerked myself out of my trance. I hadn’t realised I had been there for so long. I stood up and shook my legs which felt slightly numb and walked into the cockpit. “Easy journey then?” I asked.

"Yes. I don't know the security of this new temple, nor how you want to deal with a ship of this size, and weird make coming into range of whatever defences you have, that's up to you, Miss. Solo." She replied.

She had changed in the time I had been in that room. I noticed that she had her sabers and the sniper rifle was strapped to her back. She would certainly make an impression down at the temple..

“There aren’t really any defences. Uncle Luke doesn’t want to seem aggressive. The Jedi have been getting enough bad press as it is. Besides, no one ever really comes to Yavin.”
I reached over and tapped the external comlink.
“Jedi Temple, this is Jaina Solo. Requesting permission to land.”
Zekk answered.
“Sith Spit Jaina! You gave us a fright. We had no idea what was going on. Where’d you get that thing?” he asked.
I sighed, always with the questions, never with the answers.
“It’s not mine. It belongs to an old friend. Now do we have permission to land or what?”
“Huh? Oh, yea. Bay 3 is clear, it should be big enough. Or you can land at the edge of the forest and walk in. It’s up to you.”
I looked a Lebua. “You heard the boy. It’s up to you, Captain.”

"I'm too old to walk. Show me where the bay is," she replied as she pulled down, breaching the planet's atmosphere.

I laughed. “I doubt that very much.” I pointed a little left to where we were flying. “It’s over they’re built into the same cliff that part of the temple is. Here.” Again I reached down and typed in co-ordinates for the cliff. The ship would have to be taken in manually.

We speed off towards the cliffs and Master Sapphire took the ship in beautifully.

"I do not want to immediately meet this girl," I said as she stood up, "I want to meet your Father, and your uncle first."

“I was planning on taking you to Master Skywalker first so that’s not a problem. But Dad… well, he’s back on Coursant.”
We exited her beautiful ship and now it was my turn to show her around. The bay that we had docked in was at the back of the Temple so I assumed that we would have to go to the front to meet Uncle Luke.
The walkway had massive pillars cut out of the cliff on the left with different rooms on the right. The view through the pillars looked out over Yavin’s massive forests and sounds of the outdoors drifted up to where we walked.

I explained a little about the temple as we walked. On our right different doors were open and closed, some contained young padawans being taught in groups, others solitary Jedi meditating or training by themselves.
“We are still relatively few in numbers. There’s only around 100 Jedi at the moment and most are no where near Master level so it makes one on one teaching very difficult. Master Skywalker is trying to change that, be it slowly. He himself leads Anakin and Jacen, while Aunt Mara Jade is my mentor.” I paused at a door that was closed. “This is the mediation room, silence at all times and no lightsabers to be ignited.”

We turned a corner and our path now took us away from the outdoors and into the main building. I paused a few hundred meters in again. “In this room we’ve begun to create a collection of Jedi artefacts and all that we know from before the Empire. Do you want to go in?”

She nodded and I wondered if it was such a good idea.

I opened the door and stepped into the room.
“There’s not much.” I noted. Mostly books, a few sabers and other things. Everything was arranged neatly on shelves and the one thing that stood pride of place was a special lightsaber. Obi Wan’s.

(Lebua's point of view is here.)