Friday, August 03, 2007

A Jedi Knight of Old. Part VII

I watched her as she moved around the room, touching things and muttering to herself. I cut myself off from the Force, not wanting to catch glimpses of what she was feeling.

I watched her break down at Ben’s lightsaber. I turned away, not wanting to watch her world be ripped apart again.
I looked up when she spoke, her voice was angry and I nodded and led the way out of the room, up countless flights of stairs and through winding corridors staying silent.

She followed me up the stairs without a word and then spoke at the top, "Thanks for showing me that room."

I stopped and turned around to face her surprised. “Why?”

"Because I am old, and allowed to be erratic and irrational."

I bowed my head feeling bad for asking the question. I knew it had been the wrong thing to say as soon as it came out of my mouth.
I hurried after her.
“We’re nearly there. Master Skywalker should- oh!” I broke off because at that moment he walked around the corner.
“Jaina, there you are. Zekk said something about you arriving in a strange ship.”
“Yes Master. I’ve completed the mission you set me. This is Master Lebua Sapphire.” I gestured towards her. “It’s her ship. They weren’t rumours. She’s a Jedi.”

I watched as she looked at him and spoke to him. I saw tears glisten in the corner of his eye as she gave him the highest praise possible. I knew that there would be many questions and answers between the both of them. I took my leave and went to see how Hera was.
She was in her room reading a book and jumped up in fright when I came in.
“It’s only me Hera. I’m back.” I said gently. She loosened her grip on the lightsaber that she held.
“You weren’t gone long Jaina.” She spoke.
“I wasn’t. I found the source of the rumours and I came back. How have you been?”
“I read my way through half of the library. I can’t believe how much books distract me.” She started to relax the way she always did around me.
“Are you sure that distractions are the best way?”
“I’ve been thinking about that as well and I’m sorry for what I did to Jacen.” She hung her head.
“You just need someone to trust. Someone who knows what you are going through.” I replied.
“And where is someone like that going to turn up?” she asked and picked up her book again.

"Here." Came then reply and I looked up to see Master Sapphire standing framed in the doorway.

(Find out what Lebua said here.)


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Don't me scoff. I could be so much better then she could.

Aayla is not amused.

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Blogger Aayla Secura said...

See, Aayla is so cool she doesn't even have to use proper grammar.

"Don't make me scoff."

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Aayla I know where you are around this time and it anit prutty.

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