Friday, August 03, 2007

A Jedi Knight of Old. Part VIII

Hera jumped up, shocked as Master Sapphire entered the room. I don’t know what she had done but I felt power and wisdom emitting off her like crazy. I stepped towards Hera encase she felt threatened but at the same time the Force told me it was unneeded. Hera was shocked and frightened but there was no hostility there. Just a resounding feeling of trust. I didn’t speak but watched as she stepped towards Lebua, a disbelieving look on her face. Her book hung limp in one hand and the lightsaber gripped in the other.
Looking Master Sapphire in the eyes she whispered, “No… It can’t be…” Still holding her gaze she latched her lightsaber to the belt at the top of her trousers, something she hadn’t done in a long time. Slowly she reached up and traced the line of Master Sapphire’s face with her hand. “They told me you weren’t real… That they were just stupid dreams…” she breathed.
Astounded I watched on as she fell to her knees, sobbing gently. “But it’s true, you’re real. And you’re here, you’re here.”

Lebua cast a helpless look at me and gently rubbed the top of Hera’s head, "Calm down Hera…" She knelt down, and Hera held her tightly.

"Hera… It'll be okay," Lebua whispered gently..

I sat down on the other side of Hera. “Come on. It’s ok. She’s here to help you. She’s the one the rumours were about. Her name is Lebua Sapphire.”
Slowly Hera stopped crying and sat up. “Really? You’re going to help me?”
“Yes, she is.” I answered firmly. “Now why don’t you tell us about the dreams that you had.”
Hera sniffed and rubbed her eyes. “It was years ago. When I was still young. I must only have been about eight but I was still made to serve Tarken’s guests. They would make fun of me and call me names. The other twi’lek girls didn’t like me and they would trip me up so that I fell and got punished. When I had really bad days I cried myself to sleep and there would always be a tri’lek waiting for me there. She was so strong looking and she held two lightswords, sorry, sabers. Sometimes she would tell me that it would be all right and that we would meet someday but other times she wouldn’t speak. Just stand there and it made me feel better. Once I tried to tell the other slaves about her but they just laughed at me and I had just handed them another source of amusement to them. After a while I learnt not to mention them and eventually they stopped happening. But I never forgot her.”
She looked up. “And now I know your name. Master Lebua Sapphire. Thank-you.”

Lebua took Hera in her arms and hugged her, whispering gently to her. I quietly stood up and stepped back from the two. I smiled as I saw them together, a blue skinned teenage twi’lek from the New Jedi Order and an indigo skinned tri’lek from the Old Republic. I felt tears well in my eyes as the Force in the room swirled gently with hope, love and most important of all, peace.


“Hurry up Hera! We are already late!” I called as Hera and I dashed down a hallway.
Skidding to a halt outside the door giggling slightly. We both sobered up as we caught a glance of Master Sapphire.
She pointed menacingly at us. “You two are late. You have kept the entire class waiting. You have kept me waiting. Miss Solo, you and my no good Padawan are going to be my… Victims for the day…”
She lifted her sabers off the floor using the Force and as they lifted I looked at Hera, grinned and we both ignited ours, a purple and blue one glowing gently side-by-side.

(Master Sapphire's point of view is here.)


Blogger Dark Jedi Kriss said...

Late! Oh, you are in for it!

9:33 pm  
Blogger Leuba Sapphire said...

You bet you are, young Solo.

I'm going to get Hera too... Trust me. Extra games of Capture the Flag tonight. Muahahahaha.

9:38 pm  

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